Global Warming Action Camp against Alberta’s tar sands!

A Call to Action To Protect Alberta!
Global Warming Action Camp
June 3rd – June 8th 2007
Alberta Needs Change, Not Climate Change
Invest in Clean Energy NOW!

Alberta faces historic and unprecedented destruction from corporate fossil fuel exploitation of the province to feed America’s insatiable energy appetite. A group of experienced and committed organizers are planning a campaign and actions training to support ongoing campaigns against the destruction of Alberta by the fossil fuel industry, reverse global warming and call for new directions toward renewable energy and energy efficiency.This training intends to support existing campaigns that are opposed to:
~ The large scale destruction from mining oil sands and coal
~ Building more coal fired power plants, gas wells, and coal bed methane
~ Export schemes of Alberta’s resources to feed USA markets
~ The Fossil Fuel industries undue influence on Public Energy Policy
~ Climate Change and Global Warming!

This training also intends to support campaigns that are for:
~ Protecting Alberta’s Land, Air and Water Resource
~ Protecting Human and Quality of Life in Alberta
~ Protecting Alberta’s Wildlife and Wilderness
~ Promoting Economic Growth and Stability by Building a Renewable and Energy Efficient Economy
~ Reversing Global Warming!

The fossil fuel industry is a serious threat to Alberta’s human health, water resources, indigenous rights, boreal forest, wildlife and fisheries, and will leave a toxic legacy for generations to come in Alberta, and impacts from global warming for the world!

Five day Actions Training – Beginning Sunday June 3rd with 8pm welcome, and ending with Friday evening June 8th 2007.
Sessions will include, non violence training, media and communications skills, legal/regulatory strategies, direct action skills, campaign strategies and tactics, grass roots organizing, planning and logistics. Generations of organizers will be attending this camp and sharing campaign/action experiences, victories, stories and share our collective visions for an energy future we can live with!

Where will camp be? Edmonton, Alberta Area
The camp will be an outdoor camping setting on secluded acres located on a ridge along the beautiful and mighty North Saskatchewan River. The training will be free of charge to those attending. Camp will also provide a field kitchen & staff who have extensive experience with keeping campers on needed diet and well nourished to meet full days of work at the training.

Organizers/Trainers of Camp
~ Mike Roselle (founder of Earth First!, Rainforest Action Network, and The Ruckus Society)
~ JR Roof (co-founder The Ruckus Society and former Director of Greenpeace International Ships and Direct Action Division)
~ Ingrid Gordon (Lead climb Trainer, Founder and Director of Gear For Good, Member of Greenpeace USA Direct Action Team 1988- 2004)
~ Dr. Jim Butler (University of Alberta) History and Context of Non-violent Movements
~ Celia Alario – Seasoned media trainer. Seattle WTO in 1999
~ Llyod Greenspoon – Environmental lawyer and activist

Anyone interested in attending or more information should contact:

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