Spirit World Greets Corbin Harney

July 10, 2007 (TurtleIsland). Corbin Harney Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation crossed over at 11:00 a.m. this morning in a house on a sacred mountain near Santa Rosa, CA (Turtle Island). He had dedicated his life to fighting the nuclear testing and dumping.

That battle claimed his life through cancer.

Before he passed, he said to remember:

“We are one people. We cannot separate ourselves now.

There are many good things to be done for our people and for the world.

It is important to let things be good. And it is important to teach the younger generation so that things are not lost.”

According to witnesses present, in the morning fog, the spirits of four Shoshoni dog soldiers were outside on horseback before Corbin’s passing. But then one of the Shoshone present, Santiago Lozada, yelled “Tosawi Tosawi!” (White Knife). And then the fog shifted and there were thousands of spirits waiting.Corbin passed peacefully at the end. He was only worried that he still had more to do. When he finally let go and went with the dog soldiers, Red Wolf Pope, grandson of Rolling Thunder, was present and sang him the Tosawi death song to call the dog soldiers to come take him home. Golden eagles continue to circle the house hours after his crossing.”

True to form Corbin joked around several days ago that he was going to go at 11:00, and kept his promise.

Over his lifetime, Corbin traveled around the world as a speaker, healer and spiritual leader with a profound spiritual and environmental message for all. He received numerous national and international awards and spoke before the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Corbin also authored two books: “The Way It Is: One Water, One Air, One Earth” (Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1995) and a forthcoming book, “The Nature Way”. Numerous documentaries have been made about his work and message. In 1994, Corbin established the Shundahai Network to work with people and organizations to respond to spiritual and environmental concerns on nuclear issues. He also established Poo Ha Bah, a native healing center located in Tecopa Springs, California. He will be missed but always honored for his work and dedication to traditional ways.

Corbin Harney is descended from generations of Newe (Shoshone) traditional healers and was always grateful for the many extraordinary teachers who shared their knowledge in his lifetime. Corbin is survived by his daughter Reynaulda Taylor; granddaughters Ann Taylor and Nada Leno; grandsons Keith, Jon and Joel Leno and William Henry Taylor; seven great-grandchildren; two great-great grandchildren; and his sister Rosie Blossom’s family and many cousins and other family members as well as many, many friends around the world. Corbin was preceded in death by his mother, father, sister, grandparents, uncle, great granddaughter, cousins, and friends. A very special thanks to Patricia Davidson, Corbin’s caregiver in his final months; Dominic Daileda, Corbin’s friend and companion for his support and compassion in hard times, and the family of Dixie and Martin van der Kamp for opening up their home and their hearts to Corbin and his family and friends during his time of need.

Dates and times for services are being made with official announcement to follow. Three day services are planned at the home of Larson R. Bill, So Ho Bee – Newe Sogobe (Lee, Nevada -Western Shoshone Territory) with burial services at Battle Mountain Indian Community, Battle Mountain Nevada.

Family contact information (non-media only):

Highlighted film: Trespassing Watch Corbin Harney praying for the land and people

Box of Rain
Look out of any window

any morning, any evening, any day

Maybe the sun is shining

birds are winging or

rain is falling from a heavy sky–

What do you want me to do,

to do for you to see you through?

this is all a dream we dreamed

one afternoon long ago

Walk out of any doorway

feel your way,feel your way

like the day before

Maybe you’ll find direction

around some corner

where it been waiting to meet you–

What do you want me to do,

to watch for you while your sleeping?

Well please don’t be surprised

when you find me dreaming, too

Look into any eyes

you find by you, you can see

clear throught to another day

I know it’s been seen before

through other eyes on other days

while going home–

What do you want me to do,

to do for you to see you through?

It’s all a dream we dreamed

one afternoon long ago

Walk into splintered sunlight

Inch your way throught dead dreams

to another land

Maybe you’re tired and broken

Your tongue is twisted

with words half spoken

anf thoughts unclear

What do you want me to do

to do for you to see you through

A box of rain will ease the paqin

and love will see you throught

Just a box of rain

wind and water

believe it if you need it

if you don’t just pass it on

Sun and shower, window and rain

in and out the window

like a moth before the flame

It’s just a box of rain

I don’t don’t know who put it there

Believe it if you need it

or leave it if you dare

But it’s just a box of rain

or a ribbon for your hair

Such a long,long time to be gone

and a short time to be there

Words by Robert Hunter

Music by Phil Lesh

Family contact information (non-media only):

Donations may be made either to the immediate family through:

Reynaulda Taylor

P.O. Box 397

Owyhee, Nevada 89832

775-757-2610 or 775-757-2064


Or, to:

The Corbin Harney Way

6360 Sonoma Mtn. Rd.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

No other individual, organization or entity is authorized to receive donations on behalf of Corbin’s immediate family or Corbin Harney.

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