TUC Radio: Witness to the Melting of Greenland

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Here is the program for November 7, 2007
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Witness to the Melting of Greenland
An Inuit elder speaks
Recorded in a tent during a rainstorm
by Cien Fuegos in July, 2007
in the Valley of the Ancients on Greenland.

SUMMARY: During construction of the ceremonial fire pit for the 2008 second
circumpolar meeting of Inuits from the Arctic Circle, an Inuit elder spoke
about the accelerating changes in climate that are changing life on
Greenland. If all the ice there melts London and New York will drown.

For two weeks a small group of five constructed the ceremonial fire pit for
the 2008 second circumpolar meeting. Inuits from Canada, Greenland, Siberia
and Alaska, who live along the Arctic Circle, will gather again to consult
on how to alert the world to the enormous changes in climate that they are
experiencing already, changes that are forcing them now to fundamentally
alter their lives. The accelerating melt of the Greenland ice cap may
eventually lead to sea level rises around the world up to 7 meters or 21
feet, drowning the cities of London and New York.

The Inuit elders, who had chosen the ceremonial site, were joined by two
North Americans and one Canadian. They pitched their tents on the tundra
below towering rock mountains and the glacier behind. In the distance a
river, swollen by the accelerating melt, discharged mud and boulders into
the ocean. Lakes of melt-water are forming on the top of the ice cap and
that water has found its way to the bottom, causing the glaciers to slide
faster and swelling the rivers.

After five days the group got weathered in for 24 hours in fierce cold and
driving rain. Cien Fuegos, the North American, invited Ithluk to tell her
about Greenland and how the Inuit were experiencing the change of the

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