WildSource E-News: Dec., 2007

WildSource E-News – December 2007

New Forest Restoration Collaborative Hatches in Montana

Once a dirty word amongst both committed conservationists and forest product
enthusiasts, collaboration is steadily emerging as a way of solving long standing
problems over how our public forestlands are managed and how they will be sustained.

This new collaborative, the Montana Forest Restoration Working Group, spans a wide spectrum of interests ranging from conservationists and motorized users to outfitters, loggers and employees of forest products companies to representatives
from state and federal agencies.  The group developed 13 restoration principles
designed to bolster the recovery of ecological processes and to enhance societal and economic well-being.  Read the rest of this update at:


Keep Debate about Wildfires and Forest Policy Bracketed by Reality

Now that western Montana has been covered with a deep blanket of snow it’s a good time to look back on the wildfire season and examine some of the myths and facts associated with wildfires and federal forest policy.  You see, around here,
rationally talking about these issues during the summer  months is akin to talking
politics or religion around the Thanksgiving table…it just doesn’t work.  To read
the rest of this commentary by Matthew Koehler, please visit:


OR listen to a podcast of this piece by downloading it at this link:
http://archive.org/download/WildWestInstitute 2007-12-06_WWI_FireAndForestPolicy.mp3.

New Deforestation and Climate Change Video by 41 Pounds.org!

This exciting new video brings alive the connection between deforestation and
climate change!

Help keep the trees in the forest by stopping your junk mail.  More trees help to
keep the planet cooler and heathier.  By taking this simple step you can take to
help reduce global warming!

To watch the video or find out more about 41 Pounds.org, please visit

Science Spotlight

Every month we’ll highlight new scientific research and findings as part of the
WildWest Institute’s on-going efforts to ensure that science guides the management
of our public lands.

December Spotlight:  The legacy of harvest and fire on ecosystem carbon storage in a north temperate forest – read the full report at

WildWest Institute
P.O Box 7998, Missoula, MT 59807


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