No War No Warming: Washington, DC March 15-19

Take to the street March 18-19There will be a lot of protest activity and organizing in DC in March, and our goal is to support and compliment other organizing strategies.

Iraq Veterans Against the War is organizing veterans to come to D.C. to give testimony on March 15-16 about the U.S. role in Iraq in an event called Winter Soldier. While many other organizations are discussing their plans and various coalition efforts are underway, a network of individuals and groups is emerging around a common vision of a massive intervention, using nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience on Capitol Hill and elsewhere, to intervene and interrupt the power holders in Washington, D.C. and Corporate America.

We can draw inspiration from history and the successes of the No War, No Warming action on Capitol Hill on October 22nd where creative mobile tactics like the bike bloc, polar bear contingent and IVAW theatre, and blockades of key doors and streets, had a significant impact on the hill, got great media coverage and built excitement for what is possible when we take coordinated, determined action.

Imagine many hundreds if not thousands of people on the hill on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 18-19, with scores of well-organized affinity groups engaging in creative action demanding:

* An end to the Iraq war, bring the troops home now, no war with Iran!
* A shift in resources to support war veterans, rebuild New Orleans and other communities suffering from racism and corporate greed
* Environmental justice and alternative economic models to address poverty and create millions of green jobs in a clean energy economy

Within the context of an overall action framework united by common demands and organizing principles, different affinity groups, clusters or organizations can take responsibility for various areas around the Capitol, communicating their particular message in their own way. There could be pray-in’s, bike blockades, street theater,poetry readings, puppets, speak-outs and more. Unleash your imagination!

If we begin organizing now with a goal of a thousand or more people in the streets March 18-19 willing to risk arrest, we can have a serious impact! We can then take our experience home and keep building this network and taking actions throughout this important national election year.

Do what you can to be in DC from March 15-19. Let the will of the people be felt!

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