Longest Walk 2 Continues…

The Longest Walk 2 is wending its way across the country, bringing attention to the
preservation of sacred sites. As the northern route of the walk enters Colorado,
local activists, spiritual leaders and archeologists have welcomed them.
Although unable to attend numerous equinox ceremonies in the area of Crestone
(and the sacred eastern mountain massif, Sisnajini) the walkers offered to take
a message of local concern with them to DC: The Baca National Wildlife Refuge on
the border of Great Sand Dunes National Park is being threatened by gas
exploration by the Canadian company, Lexam. Prayers have been rendered with the
building of a huge Medicine Wheel and regular ceremonies near the proposed drill
sites (along with a court case and a demand for an Environmental Impact
Statement, of course!)
The Longest Walk 2 representatives will be carrying with them to Washington DC,
an article entitled “Resistance to Oil and Gas in Colorado’s Sacred San Luis
Valley” which appeared in the Brigid, 2008 (Jan.-Feb.) issue of Earth First! Journal.

For more info:


Since there seems to be an environmental crisis in everyone’s back yard, Longest
Walkers will be carrying many petitions to the Capitol on their sacred journey. Please
welcome and support them if they come to your area. Check the itinerary at:


They walk for the Mother and for us all!

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