1900: Forests and Globalization

1900: Forests and Globalization

“… the forest was six times as big a century ago … spree of …
shipments to Europe.”

But how big was the forest before the destruction started? There are  active
district forest stations around the mountain, all of which  keep data pertaining to
their side of the mountain.

“Forest working groups and networks, and with unofficial support from  Forest
Department officers, say the forest was six times as big a  century ago.”

“Though the wettest and the most influencing in terms of climatic  conditions, Mount
Kenya forest is the most decimated of all five
water towers of Kenya.

“The destruction of Mount Kenya started in the early 1900s.

“Before gazettement of the national park in 1949, there was a
sustained spree of camphor harvests and shipments to Europe. Early  literature shows
Mount Kenya was the only place rich in the coveted  camphor trees.”

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