Hawaiian Natives Attempt Another Palace Take-Over


Natives attempt another takeover

HONOLULU — A group of Native Hawaiians claiming to be the state’s
legitimate rulers occupied the grounds of a historic palace for two hours
before being arrested by state officers in the second recent takeover of
its kind.

A staff member of the Iolani Palace said she was assaulted and slightly
injured during the takeover Friday night, then snubbed by city police who
claimed they didn’t have jurisdiction. Gov. Linda Lingle said Saturday
that there would be an investigation into the police response to the

A group of men, wearing red shirts with “security” stenciled in yellow on
the back, took over the grounds by chaining the gates of the palace next
to the state Capitol and posted signs saying: “Property of the Kingdom of
Hawaiian Trust.”

Kippen de Alba Chu, executive director of the Friends of Iolani Palace,
said he and other staff members were locked down in the palace and a
nearby administration building during the takeover.

“They’ve got a king, and the king wants to sit on the throne,” de Alba Chu

State law officers climbed over the fence a couple of hours after the
takeover began and made about 20 arrests. The palace, normally open to
tours, will remain closed during the weekend to assess any damage and to
ensure its security, police said.


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