Indigenous Peoples: 6 News Stories

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Subject: Indigenous Peoples Day – Aug 9 – Racism Persists
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 07:17:02 -0700

Indigenous peoples around the globe are making
themselves heard in international arenas and at
the national level. But many challenges remain
in the fight for full recognition of all their rights.

U.S. and Canada Found Guilty of Racism
      Haider Rizvi
UNITED NATIONS – The international community now
fully recognises the native peoples’ right to
protect their lands and live distinct
lifestyles. Yet, most of the world’s 370 million
indigenous peoples continue to face abuse and
injustices at the hands of state authorities and commercial concerns.

Indigenous People Speak Out Clearly on AIDS
      Daniela Estrada
MEXICO CITY – “In my community, living with HIV
is synonymous with death,” Fernando Solís, a
34-year-old member of the Cuna ethnic group in
Panama, told IPS. Solís, who was diagnosed four
years ago, is now working in prevention efforts
among other young indigenous people, which he
described as “the key to eradicating the
epidemic in our communities.”

IPS Special Coverage of Mexico City AIDS Conference

BOLIVIA: Summit Cancelled Due to Social Unrest
      Franz Chávez
LA PAZ – A meeting between Presidents Hugo
Chávez of Venezuela, Cristina Fernández of
Argentina and Evo Morales of Bolivia was called
off because of violent protests by
anti-government demonstrators in the southern
city of Tarija, while clashes between miners and
the police left two dead and 30 injured in the
western province of Oruro.

CHILE-PERU: Preserving Potatoes More Important than Age-Old Dispute
      Daniela Estrada and Milagros Salazar
SANTIAGO – Policies to get small farmers
involved in saving, preserving, producing,
marketing and genetically improving potatoes
should take precedence over the age-old dispute
between Chile and Peru about where potatoes
originated, experts from both countries say.

BRAZIL: Biodiesel to Bring Electricity to Amazon Villages
      Mario Osava
RIO DE JANEIRO – Oil from native tucuma,
ouricurí and murumurú palm trees will be used to
provide electricity to isolated communities in
the depths of the Brazilian Amazon, which are
too remote to supply with power by conventional means.

COLOMBIA: Indigenous Groups in Danger of Disappearing
      Constanza Vieira
BOGOTA – The Permanent People’s Tribunal warned
in its final statement on Colombia of “the
imminent danger of physical and cultural
extinction faced by 28 indigenous groups,”
adding that 18 of the communities have less than
100 members, “and are suspended between life and death.”


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