Solidarity letter from RTNA to climate activists in Copenhagen


We are writing to express our solidarity with your efforts to organize against the UN Climate Conference next year in Copenhagen. As you may know November 30th 1999 was a historic day in the US, and indeed the world. On that day thousands took to the streets of Seattle and shut down the World Trade Organizations ministerial, while hundreds of thousands went on strike, marched, and took direct action around the world. On that day we came together to say no to corporate control of the Earth and our lives and yes to life and freedom for all.

10 years later, the world elite will be coming together in Copenhagen to once again decide the fate of the world. This time, in the name of fighting climate change, they will pursue a neocolonialist agenda that puts profits before people and the environment. Instead of seeking real solutions to climate change they will tell us that agrofuels, nuclear power, “clean coal”, carbon offsets, and market mechanisms will be our salvation. In short they will proclaim that the very system that got us into this mess will now come to our rescue.

We refuse these false solutions to the climate crisis and in that spirit will be organizing for direct action here in the US during the Copenhagen meetings next year. It is imperative that we come together to show that we will not stand idly by while politicians and their corporate cronies watch the world burn as they count the money they make from the fire. We look forward to working with you and our allies around the world to make this a truly historic day. In the words of artist formerly known as Prince, “We gonna party like its 1999!”

-Rising Tide North America

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