Ecuadorian human rights / environmental Rising Tide activist Leonardo Cerda on tour in Oregon and Washington

Leonardo Cerda is an Ecuadorian youth climate, energy and sustainability activist studying International Relations and Political Sciences at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador.  He’s also starting up organizing Marea Creciente / Rising Tide and a Climate Camp there!

Leo’s been involved in resistance movements against the oil industry in Ecuador since he was fourteen years old. He and others in his community starting doing workshops around the Amazon at that time, in different indigenous villages, discussing the causes and the future consequences of the oil industry, it’s relationship to climate change and the many other devastating consequences to people and the environment.

Leo’s been working on issues related to environmental protection, people’s sovereignty over land, coal mining, indigenous resistance, organic products cooperative and others ever since. Currently Leo is part of an organization called FAOICIN that is running a campaign to promote sustainable projects as an alternative for communities, associations, and other indigenous social actors to promote the recovery of ancestral customs. He’s also in charge of the human rights club at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito!

He’ll be discussing his communities work in Ecuador, the damage done by the oil industry, and efforts to build a more just, sustainable society in Ecuador.

Here is the dates for Leo’s tour. Some information is TBA, but contact information for each event is below!

Thursday, 13th
U. of O.
Ben Linder Room

Saturday, 15th

Sunday, 16th
Traditions Cafe

Monday & Tuesday, 17th & 18th
Evergreen State College
Time TBA

Wednesday, 19th
Pacific Lutheran U.
8:00PM on Wednesday in UC 133.

Thursday, 20th
U. of W., Tacoma Campus
Room 1230 in Sci 209

Friday, 21st
Portland State U.
4:00 pm in the Smith Bldg, rm 338

Sunday, 23rd
Black Rose Books
6:00 pm

Monday, 24th
Lewis and Clark College
JR Howard Hall room 114 (across from the library)

Wednesday, 26th
Reed College
Reed College Student Union (3203 SE Woodstock Blvd.)

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