Vandana Shiva New and Hopeful Perspective on Climate Change

Vandana Shiva New and Hopeful Perspective on Climate Change


Vandana Shiva Rocks the House. By Tom Phillfpot, Grist, October 26, 2008. “I’ve just
come out of the most hopeful and interesting discussions of climate change I’ve ever
witnessed. Anchored by Indian food-sovereignty activist Vandana Shiva [founder of
Navdanya], the panel discussion at Terra Madre’s [2008 biannual international
conference, convening in Turin] unveiled a new Manifesto on Climate Change and the
Future of Food Safety [PDF, 56 pp], drawn up by the International Commission on the
Future of Food and Agriculture. The room was packed beyond capacity with at least
400 people, and the discussion was translated through headsets into eight languages.
The document under discussion is brisk, lucid, and to the point… To me, Shiva and
her multinational crew of colleagues (other commission members include Wendell
Berry, Jose Bové of Via Campesina, Frances Moore Lappé, and Alice Waters) have
articulated a powerful new vision for confronting climate change — one more potent
even than Al Gore’s famed slides and push for trade-based solutions. Where Gore
dreams of a ‘low-carbon’ or even ‘carbon-free’ world, Shiva pines for a
‘carbon-rich’ future — one in which agriculture systematically builds organic
matter into the soil, capturing it from the atmosphere.”


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