1500 people lay siege to coal plant in Copenhagen

People in Copenhagen aren’t waiting around for world leaders to take action on climate change, on September 26 about 1,500 people took direct action to shut down one of Copenhagen’s coal fire power plants. The SHUT IT DOWN action plan had been openly announced several months earlier and Danish police had been gearing up for massive use of force to trial new anti-protest laws. Around 100 protesters managed to get inside the power plant.  Although at that point the plant should have been shut down due to safety regulations,  it was kept running.

Around 100 people have been arrested. One person so far has been charged. The action was widely and positively covered in Danish news. The  protesters regard this act of mass civil disobience for climate justice an encouraging success  and a positive trial run for the actions surrounding the COP 15 climate conference in December in Copenhagen (On Dec 16, RECLAIM POWER!).

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