Special Post-Copenhagen Newsletter


Rising Tide North America is pleased to
announce www.WhatIsCop15.net
– an instant archive project compiling some of the incredible work of
the global climate movement at and in the lead up to the 2009 UN
climate summit in Copenhagen (the 15th Conference of the Parties or

Much has been said about the failure and
collapse of the climate of COP15 last weekend to reach a binding
agreement, and you’ll find lots of analysis at www.WhatIsCop15.net.

But the real story from the climate summit —
which at best was expected expand the carbon market and
entrench corporate control of climate policy — is a happy one.

It’s the massive organizing success and coming
of age of the climate justice movement. 100,000 in the streets, tens of
thousands in attendance at the climate justice oriented Klimaforum,
and countless actions against the root causes of climate change.

Moreover, the sham of polluter-dominated
climate policy political sausage making – which expelled
groups like Friends of the Earth and Via Campesina
from its
proceedings – was revealed to millions of onlookers.

Depressing as the state of things is, the
understanding that there will be no just climate solutions without
massive social change has crystallized for score of people in the past
weeks: the movement of people demanding a radical shift in the existing
order is growing by leaps and bounds, and we must celebrate this

www.WhatIsCop15.net compiles
images, reports, videos, reflections and education resources from COP
15, to thank those who organized for climate justice in Copenhagen and
to inspire those of us who weren’t there to equally monumental actions.

Whether you’ve been struggling to keep up with
the news or were there in Copenhagen, we invite you to learn, enjoy,
and spread the word about the online archive!

How To Keep Up the

First and foremost,
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with Rising Tide or one
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Boston Rising Tide
Hangs 30-Foot Banner Off Harvard Bridge During U.N. Climate Conference

Rising Tide Boston hung a 30-foot banner
reading, “System Change, Not Climate Change” on the Harvard Bridge
(Massachusetts Ave.), the largest bridge spanning the Charles River on
the final 2nd to last day of the United Nations Climate Talks in

“The United Nations process has systematically
failed the world’s marginalized countries and consistently excludes
those that would dare support and fight on behalf of those countries,”
said David Bukett of Rising Tide. “We need system change to create a
world which is truly just and sustainable to solve the climate crisis.”

more at Rising Tide’s website!

That’s all from Rising
Tide North America for 2009 – thanks for your support and action!

Onward to another year
of climate justice organizing and action in 2010!

Chevron Direct Action on Copenhagen
Day 1

On the first day of Copenhagen, thirty one people were arrested as activists with Rising
Tide Bay Area and other members of the Mobilization for Climate Justice
down all entrances to Chevron’s
Richmond, CA facility.

Annie Leonard Take on Carbon Trading!

The creator of the Story of Stuff – the
famed animated documentary about consumerism watched by millions – takes on carbon

NYC takes on NRDC
activists, joined by climate scientist James Hansen, target NRDC

for founding USCAP,
and “getting in bed” with the policies of Shell, BP, and Dow chemical
Seattle Lockdowns on N30

at Bank of America and Chase Bank!

Many more reports on the N30
at actforclimatejustice.org

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