Will Obama bite the hand that feeds

Obama is talking tough on holding BP accountable for the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf, but is he really willing to bite the hand that feeds him. According to an article on Common Dreams, Obama received more money from BP than any other candidate in the 2008 elections, raking in $71,000 of their oily money.  Obama is  playing his cards in typical politician fashion, assuring us that his new drilling plans are on hold while the government reviews safety protocol. Which of  course means that Obama will put a few more weak regulations in place, assure us everything is OK, and then drill baby drill! Think I’m being cynical? The Associated Press reports, “A White House spokesman said this week that President Barack Obama remains committed, at least for now, to plans to expand drilling to new areas of the Outer Continental Shelf.”

We cannot allow offshore drilling to continue. For our oceans, deltas, marshes, and coastal communities that depend on these ecosystems for their sustenance, not to mention a stable climate, we must leave that oil in the ground. BP, state and federal politicians, must be held accountable for this disaster. Unfortunately we must add to the list of the usual suspects in environmental disasters such as these, some unusual ones: environmental groups like Environmental Defense Fund who have recklessly supported a climate bill that would open up more of our coasts to offshore drilling. Let me get this straight, we are going to reign in carbon emissions by drilling for more oil. Brilliant!

Grassroots climate groups are gearing up for a day of action against offshore drilling on May 14, stay posted for more details. We must ensure that Obama’s offshore drilling plans are stopped dead in their tracks, coastal communities are fully compensated for the devastation unleashed on them, and that BP, not tax payers, foot the bill.

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