Thus Far and No Further

“Thus far and no further”

Dear Friends-

We’re about the movement, not the moment!  And we’re coming for the worst polluters and earth destroyers. We’re building a movement to counter Corporate America’s hold on our environment, our climate and our democracy.

Grassroots direct action in the climate movement is on the rise. This fight is not going to be won with some carefully choreographed photo ops or large numbers of “click-tivists” liking a post on Facebook or emailing Obama. It’s going to be won by you and us getting involved in our communities and figuring out who to best resist, rebel, build and create.
MidWest Rising Convergence!

Rising Tide North America is a network of over 50 local contacts, chapters and ally groups all over Canada, Mexico and the United States that have worked to stop climate change at the point of destruction. And we want you to join with us! See your regional contact map HERE and…

This Summer, we’ve been fighting  the worst polluters and earth-destroyers on the planet. You’ve already heard about actions this summer in West Virginia, Montana and Utah. But more and more is happening:

  • Rising Tide joined with community and labor activists at the Midwest Rising Convergence to form an action faction that sat in on the doorsteps of Peabody Energy (world’s biggest coal company), and Bank of America (biggest financier of coal, largest forecloser of homes in the country.) – more at
  • Right now scores over “trouble-makers” are sitting in at the White House to send the purveyors of politics as usual the message that the massive Keystone XL Pipeline needs to be stopped before it gets started- over 380 arrests at the time of this message – more at
  • Meanwhile… megaload shipments of Tar Sands equipment are being disrupted and blocked by Wild Idaho Rising Tide and others who are bravely placing their bodies in the way – check out Northern Rockies RT for more info

Activists blockade megaload shipments through the Northern Rockies

Much of the world is in open revolt against authoritarian regimes, privatization schemes and the corporations. Now, we need to sow a garden where a thousand flowers of resistance can bloom in confrontation and resistance to policies and infrastructure that exacerbate climate change.

Echoing the words of Edward Abbey:

“At some point we must draw a line across the ground of our home and our being, drive a spear into the land and say to the bulldozers, earthmovers, government and corporations, thus far and no further.”

Get involved and help fight the root causes of climate change.

In Solidarity,
Rising Tide North America

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