Occupy the Climate


Dear Friends-

The Occupy movements for economic justice and against capital and corporations has exploded across the American political landscape. The momentum is unbelievable and we can hardly keep up.

Whil big banks and Wall Street foreclose on homes and lay people off , the same doomsday economy is also destroying eco-systems, communities and the climate with fossil fuel extraction.  Whether it be natural gas fracking, coal plants, oil refineries, or mountaintop removal mining it all leads to one thing—a slow grinding exploitation of the earth’s resources for the profit of a wealthy few.

Now it’s time to take our mass actions to the doorsteps of the fossil fuel industry and Occupy the Climate.

In the past year, we’ve organized and joined occupation actions from the Dept. of the Interior to the Montana statehouse to the streets of Salt Lake City and St. Louis.

Now we’re part of the movement making the links between Big Oil, Big Coal and Wall Street.

Wild Idaho RTIn the past few months, Wild Idaho Rising Tide occupied the highways and byways of Moscow, Idaho fighting Exxon’s heavy haul tar sands shipments with rowdy street protests. In Texas, Rising Tide North Texas continues to fight natural gas “fracking” and works with Occupy Denton to fight the corporate state.

Just yesterday, a crowd of 12,000 gathered in Washington D.C. to occupy and encircle the White House grounds to send a message of resistance to the TransCanada Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.  Read more at Tar Sands Action.

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline!

In the past two weeks, Portland Rising Tide standing shoulder to shoulder with Occupy Portland have taken over Bank of America branches with creative direct action. Bank of America is the biggest funder of coal in the U.S. and the biggest forecloser of homes.  Portland’s N17 – Occupy the Banks will see a stepping up of collaboration with a call for decentralized, non-violent affinity-group based direct action against the funders of the economic/ecologic-crisis.

Thanks for all you do.

With Love and Rage,
Rising Tide North America

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