Webinar: Scaling Resistance with the German Climate Justice Movement on March 11

As you might know by now, German climate group Ende Galaende is on tour through the US with Rising Tide North America this February through April. We’re touring with them to share stories from Germany’s wildly successful mass mobilizations. So far, we’ve got tour stops in 22 cities covering the West Coast, the Northeast, Appalachia and the Midwest.

BUT for folks not a living in places where a tour stop is nearby, we’re hosting a webinar with our friends at 350.org to share Ende Galaende’s presentation.

The webinar will be 8pm EST/7pm CST/6pm MST/5pm PST on Monday March 11th.

RSVP for the webinar here.

About Ende Galaende:

A strong and diverse radical climate justice movement — called Ende Gelände (“Here and No Further”) — has been growing in Germany.

Last fall, they organized 6,000 people to collectively block a coal mine and 82 simultaneous tree sits to protect a forest from being completely bulldozed. No small feat, right? Demonstrators invaded mining pits, danced in front of the diggers, slept on the railways, and provoked pictures that made the connection between climate chaos and capitalism and exposed the dirty truth behind the German energy transition “Energiewende”.

Details on the U.S. tour here.

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