Water Protector Climbs Into Line 3 Pipeline Trench To Stop Work

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January 18, 2021
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Water Protector Climbs Into Line 3 Pipeline Trench To Stop Work

(Fond Du Lac, MN) Monday morning, Nia Zekan, a water protector, climbed into a pipe trench along the Line 3 Pipeline easement, shutting down work for approximately four hours. Nia halted construction at this Enbridge worksite while dozens more stood around in support of Nia and resistance to Line 3.

The site is located on the Fond Du Lac reservation in so-called northern Minnesota, right next to Camp Migizi, a recently-opened space for water protectors.

The worksite is just a few miles from a cultural site that was promised by Kevin Dupuis (Sr. Chairman of the Tribe) to the people of Fond Du Lac. This cultural site has now been bulldozed over. Numerous other sacred and cultural sites also lie in the path of the pipeline corridor.

Line 3 is a tar sands pipeline that, if built, would go through Indigenous treaty territory and put hundreds of bodies of water at risk as well as the lives and cultures of many.

As construction on the pipeline has picked up over the last few months, action against Line 3  has too. This action is but one of many that have taken place on the frontlines over the past months since construction began, temporarily delaying Enbridge construction.

In Nia’s words, “Climbing down into the trench is love in action.”

For more information, get in touch with Camp Migizi on their Facebook page or email media@resistline3.org. High resolution photos and interviews with movement leaders available upon request.

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