Rest in Power, Herb Goodwin!

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REST IN POWER, HERB GOODWIN! As we learned from a Monday message, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) lost a dear friend and one of our strongest, most supportive, core activists on Saturday, September 17: Herb Goodwin. He provided crucial research of fossil fuels industry corporations and often traveled with his partner Kathy Leathers 400 miles, plus many more monitoring and protesting miles, to WIRT’s north Idaho, western Montana, and eastern Washington actions against tar sands mining and refining megaloads and coal, oil, and tar sands trains and railroad infrastructure expansions. He also participated and was arrested a few times as a member of Occupy Bellingham in Washington, one of the Bellingham 6 who blockaded a coal train in December 2011, a Standing Rock Tribe accomplice against the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota, who protested missing and murdered indigenous people in November 2016, and a kayaktivist who demonstrated against massive, Shell Oil, Arctic drilling and support vessels in Bellingham and Seattle, Washington. Even after several serious health conditions arose, he continued to fight the fossil fuels extraction and transportation projects that we all must reject, for the sake of a livable planet and next generations ravaged by polluted climate chaos.
PLEASE RESIST! Too few of your vigilant, valiant, but criminalized elders, peers, and youth struggle to uphold opposition to increasingly corrupt, resource-greedy, rights-violating corporations and the governments they dominate. PARTICIPATE in Panhandle Paddle railroad resistance talks, direct action training workshops, and kayaktivist activities this Thursday through Sunday, September 22 to 25, where we will honor Herb, who journeyed from the Washington westside to join three of six previous paddles. And/or attend a memorial for Herb in Bellingham, share your condolences with his partner Kathy Leathers, and get involved with another three events that WIRT with host by October 8. We are sorry for Herb’s loss and Kathy’s sorrow, during and after a few years of his illness, as we send our strongest love and prayers for his best passage and all of our transitions without him. (draft) ~Helen
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