Eagle Nesting Tree Under Imminent Threat by PG&E

cross-posted from Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters

A post shared from our forest defender comrades in Mendocino County:

Protectors have been at the Eagles’ Nest since last Friday. PG&E is there now. Protectors kept the Nest safe . PG&E is still staged  farther down the road and ready to come back in. The Eagles are in the nest and we need more people NOW and until Jan 15th when the official nesting season starts and the tree can now longer be cut until the end of nesting season in August.

 Come today or the next few days. Food is being brought in for the front line defenders. It’s a small group (so far) but includes people from the coast, from the nearby Pomo Coyote Valley reservation, and from Idle No More. Dynamic situation.

 For directions Call Larry 510-590-7100 who is at the site. Or call Monkey 707 357 2595.

Please come if you can!!
Call Heather Beeler at USFW   775 861 6304 or email heather_beeler@fws.gov. She issued the permit to take the nesting tree down.

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