Podcast: Police Murder Forest Defender Near Atlanta’s Proposed “Cop City”

cross-posted from the Green and Red Podcast

In this episode, G&R talks with Micah (@micahinatl), an Atlanta-based organizer, about the situation in Atlanta.

Listen in:https://apple.co/3XNOcSY

A forest defender, Manuel Teran, AKA “Tortuguita” or “Tort,” was shot and killed by police on Wednesday during a violent raid of the protest camp and community gathering space that has blocked construction of an enormous police training facility known as “Cop City” on roughly 100 acres of public forest in southeast Atlanta. Vigils for the murdered forest defender Tortuguita have taken place from Oakland to Minneapolis to Charlotte to Chicago. In Atlanta, activists held a vigil the night of the shooting and are planning a march on Saturday.

Since June 2021, the Stop Cop City campaign (@defendatlforest) has resisted the construction of a police training facility and demolition of an urban forest. Through the campaign demonstrators have been pepper-sprayed, attacked, threatened and violently arrested by the police Last month, 5 protestors were arrested and charged with “domestic terrorism” On Wednesday, beside the murder of Tort, at least another 7 protestors were arrested and charged with “domestic terrorism.”


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