Turkey: Akbelen Forests are Calling Everyone for Resistance

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From Yeryüzü Postas?
July 27, 2023

While the resistance of life defenders, including anarchists, against the forest massacre that started for the expansion of the coal mining area in Akbelen Forest in Mu?la continues, Anarka and Antalya Anarchy Initiative made a call in Turkish and English.

The call is as follows:


Akbelen forests are trying to be shredded and slaughtered with the cooperation of the capital and the state in Mu?la, Turkey.

In order to supply coal to the two thermal power plants owned by Limak Holding and ?çta? Holding, whose association with the government is well known, efforts are being made to expand the coal mine in the region to swallow Akbelen forests. If they happen to succeed, both the forest ecosystem with its thousands of living creatures, the villagers of ?kizköy and the local people, and the whole world at this time when the climate crisis is a great threat, will suffer, as the capitalists and the state will enrich their wealth.

The people of ?kizköy and ecologists from all over the geography have been resisting the state and capital for two years for their forests and nature. However, the severity of the attack on Akbelen forests increased significantly as of July 24. The gendarmerie, which has landed in the Akbelen forest with water cannon’s and construction equipment, is attacking the resisting villagers and ecologists. The companies, on the other hand, are continuing to slaughter trees under state protection. The rapidly advancing tree massacre reached the guarding area of the people and the ecologists on the morning of 27 July.

Therefore, urgent action is required for Akbelen forests to survive. Every day, the people of Akbelen and the ecologists face detentions and violence by the police and gendarmerie in the area as they continue resisting. We call on everyone to support the Akbelen resistance alongside the ecosystems and peoples of the earth in order to save the Akbelen forests from the state-capital occupation.

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