Media Release: Thousands expected in SF to opposition APEC summit

MEDIA ADVISORY: APEC Meeting in San Francisco



Scott Parkin, 415-235-0596,

Week of Protest at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco; Spokespeople Available to Address Climate Justice Aspect

The No to APEC Coalition, consisting of over 100 community, grassroots, and labor organizations, will mobilize against the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Heads of State meeting in San Francisco November 11 – 15th ahead of the official closing of APEC activities on November 17th.

We encourage media to include APEC’s negative impact on the climate crisis in your reporting. Below are two contacts who can provide quotes and further information on climate/environmental justice and indigenous rights:

  • Spokesperson: International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines – Brandon Lee,
  • Expert resource: Climate Bloc – Nik Evasco, Bay Area Climate Organizer, (415) 847-9659,

President Biden will meet with global leaders and business executives from 21 participating member economies who expect to establish major “informal” international trade deals that lower labor and environmental standards to dangerous levels for local and indigenous communities around the Pacific Rim.

The U.S. will host this summit for the first time in almost a decade under the theme of “sustainability” and yet participating companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have an ongoing legacy of causing extreme environmental harm. A 2021 report from Environment America found that Amazon destroys unused and unsold products every day by the thousands and Microsoft’s global water consumption increased by 34% according to their own report released in September.  The summit is also happening with the backdrop of increased U.S. military presence in Asia, competition with China, inflation and the next wave of the new COVID-19 strain, creating further hazardous conditions for workers and the environment globally.

Thank you for covering the climate crisis.

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