RTNA, EF! Challenge the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility

Nov.4, 2008-Montpelier, VT

Citizens Demand Certificate of “No-Good” for Vermont Yankee!

Demanding the closure of Vermont Yankee, Green Mountain Earth First!, RTNA, and other citizens challenged the Vermont Public Service Board at their state office in Montpelier-Vermont’s capital-Monday morning. Dressed as elves and Santa Claus, the group entered the offfice and insisted that the Public Service Board (PSB) revoke Entergy Vermont Yankee’s Certificate of the Public Good and instead sign a large cardboard Certificate of the “Public Bad.” “We’ve talked with Santa Claus and clearly Entergy Nuclear has been up to no good,” said one of the elves entering the office. The group held photographs of Vermont Yankee’s 2007 cooling tower collapse and 2004 transformer fire as well as a giant banner reading ‘Do the Public a Service: Closer Vermont Yankee!’ The suddenly, an unforecasted “snowstorm” enshrouded the entire office-bringing an early (nuclear) winter to the annoyed PSB office personnel.

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Zombies Tell Bank of America: “Coal Is Killing Us!”

As the sun fell on Halloween, the undead victims of mountain top removal coal mining rose up and descend upon Bank of Americas and Citibanks in Boston. It is no coincidence that while Bank of America and Citibank make a killing on coal, coal is killing Appalachian communities that fall prey to dirty energy companies whose interests in profiting from strip mining outweigh the value of lives and mountain communities. In 2006, Bank of America invested twice as much in dirty energy as it did on clean energy projects. In 2006, Citi’s investments in coal were 200 times greater than their investments in clean energy, making them the number one financier of coal worldwide.

Photos available here.
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Northwest Caravan To Support The Struggle For Survival On The Front Lines Of Resistance at Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ. 2008

Northwest Caravan To Support The Struggle For Survival On The Front Lines Of Resistance at Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ. 2008

Indigenous nations are disproportionately targeted by fossil fuel extraction & environmental devastation and Black Mesa is no exception. At this moment Peabody Coal Co. is planning to seize tribal lands and massively expand dirty coal strip-mining operations. In 30 years of controversial operation, Peabody’s Black Mesa Mine has been the source of an estimated 325 million tons of CO2 that have been discharged into the atmosphere.* If expansion plans are permitted, it would exacerbate already devastating environmental and cultural impacts on local communities and significantly add fuel to the fire of the current climate chaos we face globally. Coal from the Black Mesa mine could contribute an additional 290 million tons of CO2 to the global warming crisis!*

Institutional racism has fueled neglect and abandonment of public needs such as water, maintenance of roads, health care, and schools. Daily life for Big Mountain residents hasn’t changed too much over the years, except that more of them have become elderly and now struggle with daily chores. Due to lack of local job opportunities and federal strangulation on Indian self-sufficiency, extended families are forced to live many miles away to earn incomes and have all the social amenities which include choices in mandatory American education. It is increasingly difficult for families to come back to visit their relatives in these remote areas due to the unmaintained roads and the rising cost of transportation. Continue reading

Indigenous Groups and Climate Activists Protest Pacificorps Klamath Dam’s Devastation in Portland

Confronting Pacificorp at their Doorstep. A coalition of Klamath River Indian tribes, fishermen, conservationists and local supporters (including Cascadia Rising Tide) ramped up their campaign to remove four fish-killing dams on the river today when they held a spirited protest in front of PacifiCorp’s headquarters in Portland.

The “Day of Action Against PacifiCorp” started off at 8:30 a.m. on September 18th when local activists hung a banner proclaiming “Warren Buffett Kills Salmon, Jobs and Communities” over Interstate-84 in solidarity with the Tribes. Around 200 people marched from Holiday Park in Portland at noon to converge in front of PacifiCorp for a press conference at 1 p.m.

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