Cascadia RT organizes anti-LNG action at NW Natural

Cascadia Rising Tide joined forces with Stumptown Earth First! to hold an action and rally at the downtown Portland office of NW Natural (local gas utility), for their involvement in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) related pipelines, which threaten to clear-cut strips of forest throughout Oregon for new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Piling dozens of trees on NW Natural’s downtown office entryway, activists with Stumptown Earth First! and Cascadia Rising Tide, sent a message to the LNG-invested gas company: “There’s nothing Green about Clear-cuts, No new pipelines”. Continue reading

Cascadia Rising Tide Hosted an Anti-Coal Dance Party In Downtown Portland

National Day of Action Against Coal Report
Cascadia Rising Tide

cascadia rising tide bank of america action
Cascadia Rising Tide Hosted an Anti-Coal Dance Party In Downtown Portland for the National Day of Action Against Coal On November 17th, local climate activists participated in a National Day of Action against coal by calling on Bank of America to stop funding the leading cause of global warming in the United States: coal.

“Coal has got to go if we’re going to solve the climate crisis,” said Elliot Cheifetz of Cascadia Rising Tide. “Citi and Bank of America talk a good game about environmental responsibility, but they’re
contributing billions of dollars to the single worst thing we could be doing.”

Approximately 30 people came out to get down and funky while hanging banners, convincing customers to cancel their accounts, and educate passer-bys about these atrocities. They held a dance party/rally to oppose the funding and building of new coal-fired power plants, and to raise awareness about the extremely destructive effects of the coal industry which include: Continue reading

Rising Tide and the Beehive Collective’s Cascadia Climate Action Tour

car-i-cane, good size for webMany hearty greetings from Cascadia Rising Tide and the Beehive Design Collective!

Together we will expound upon the interrelated ecological and social crises threatening the hemisphere, making links between global economic structures, militarization, and resource and energy consumption, while also highlighting grassroots resistance struggles and what YOU can do to participate in active change.

We hope you’ll join us for an interactive, multi-media, combined presentation that celebrates fossil fuel resistance from around the globe AND embarks on a visual tour of the Beehive Collective’s Graphic Trilogy about corporate globalization in the Americas (FEATURING a behind-the-scenes look at the long-anticipated MESOAMERICA RESISTE graphic, currently on the cusp of completion!)

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