It’s bigger than KXL

Dear Friends of Rising Tide,

Wow. And we thought 2012 was huge.

In 2013, we did some amazing things. Not only did we fiercely resist oil, coal and fracking, but we also embodied the saying “Think Globally, Act Locally” with a deep compassion. We are a large decentralized network spanning Canada, Mexico and the U.S. allying with those most impacted by fossil fuel extraction. Whether it’s blockading pipelines and tanker trucks or organizing training camps to educate the next generation of climate activist, we’ve truly built a network that uses bold and effective organizing to make a better world possible.

Can you help us sustain it?

Please donate to Rising Tide North America and give 2014 the gift of fierce compassion.

Here’s just a taste of the things we did in 2013:

  • Canyon Country Rising Tide, based in Moab, UT, joined with friends and allies from throughout the region to organize an action camp in southern Utah to oppose the first tar sands mines in the United States. The camp ended with a mass walk on to a tar sands mine.
  • Over a thousand Rising Tiders, student climate activists and other supporters from across the continent marched during the climate activist conference Powershift in support of the Shadbush Collective’s anti-fracking direct action in Pittsburgh.
  • Five northwestern Rising Tide chapters have fought massive tar sands refining equipment shipments, known as the megaloads, in Idaho, eastern Oregon and Montana. So far, five actions have taken the tar sands fight to corporate and governmental offices, and highways and byways of the Northwest United States.

We’re an all-volunteer network of activists and have done a lot this year. Now we need your support to keep going in 2014.

Can you give $5, $50 or $500 to support us in 2014?

Thanks for all you do.

Love & Solidarity,

Rising Tide North America

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