San Francisco: Call for Climate Justice at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum; Nov. 11-18

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pic via the Stranger in Seattle. July 2023

Organize with and join us and in the streets during the APEC summit in SF Nov. 11-18.

This November in San Francisco, the United States and thirteen other countries plan to announce the conclusion of large parts of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) trade agreement at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC).

Pledge to Resist APEC:

IPEF will have major impacts on climate policy, worker rights and more for decades to come. The people have been completely shut out of these discussions, while corporate CEO’s and lobbyists are keynoting panels with world leaders at APEC. IPEF will do nothing to address the climate catastrophe we are facing and will do nothing to promote an economy that doesn’t rely on extraction. APEC leaders are not taking the climate crisis seriously, and are instead promoting policies that greenwash and hide devastatingly irresponsible backdoor deals with multinational corporations.

In an act of global solidarity, we are seeking to challenge and dismantle the status quo of corporations and all-too-often unaccountable neoliberal leaders of major countries signing trade and environmental pacts that put profit over people and fuel the climate crisis.

If you want to join us please Pledge to Resist APEC via this form. 

We are inviting labor, diaspora, frontline communities and climate justice activists to help plan, organize around and demand the following:

  1. End Climate Pollution. The United States must reverse its disproportionate role in creating the climate crisis, by no longer propping up the fossil fuel industry, rapidly zeroing out greenhouse gas emissions and helping other countries do the same.
  2. Globalize Climate Justice. The United States and all members of APEC must commit to climate justice for communities of color and take action to end the disproportionate impact climate change has on frontline communities and communities of color in their own nations and globally.
  3. Stop Trade Attacks on Climate Action. The United States and all members of APEC must end corporate-driven trade agreements that greenwash, weaken and delay the transition to a just and clean economy, and must commit to a Climate Peace Clause immediately ending trade attacks on climate action.

To add yourself or an organization to these demands, and to learn more about upcoming actions and ways to plug in, please go to

Initial Endorsers: Oil and Gas Action Network, Mt. Diablo Rising Tide, Extinction Rebellion SF Bay, California Trade Justice Coalition, Friends of the Earth, Youth vs Apocalypse, Rising Tide North America, ASATA, Brown and Green, 350 Silicon Valley, 350 San Diego, EHL, Trade Justice Education Fund, Alliance for Democracy, Yes!, Thai Community Development Center

Northern Arapaho Disrupts Biden at COP27: “No Time for False Solutions”

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Four protesters holding a banner which read ‘people vs fossils’ interrupted the speech of Joe Biden, the US president, to Cop27.

The protesters were youth and Indigenous activists from the US, and they were calling on Biden to stop pushing fossil fuel extraction. They spoke with the Guardian shortly after being escorted out of the plenary hall by security staff.

“The president, members of Congress and the state department have come to this international forum on climate change proposing false solutions that will not get us to 1.5C,” said Big Wind, 29, a member of the Northern Arapaho tribe in Wyoming.

“We need to accelerate the transition but that’s not going to happen by partnering with big polluters like Amazon and PepsiCo, and so we needed to call that out,” he said, in reference to an announcement earlier this week by US climate envoy John Kerry, the Bezos Earth Fund, PepsiCo and others about plans to design an energy transition accelerator.

Biden referenced Indigenous peoples in his speech, yet has failed to leverage his power to support them directly through direct access to funds needed by communities to adapt to the climate crisis, said Big Wind.

Jamie Wefald, a 24-year-old climate activist from Brooklyn, New York, said: “Joe Biden is promoting false solutions to the climate crisis, he is no climate hero. We wanted to create a moment on behalf of all frontline communities in the global north and south to demand real climate solutions.”


Tell these advertisers to stop funding Fox News now

On January 6th, we all watched with revulsion as a violent mob of fascists and white supremacists overran the U.S. Capitol. As the weeks have passed, more and more is being revealed. From sketchy Capitol tours by Republicans to the involvement of high ranking law enforcement members, it’s so clear just how embedded white supremacists and fascists are on the right.

If we don’t rise up now against this growing fascist movement, these racist pieces of shit will continue to consolidate their base and radicalize more people with their hate and lies.

That’s why we’re launching our newest campaign to go after the white supremacists’ biggest megaphone: Fox News. If we can send enough messages to the companies giving millions in advertising money to Fox News today, we can send a strong message to some of the biggest U.S. corporations that there are consequences to being associated with hateful platforms like Fox News.

Send a message to the top 12 Fox News advertisers now to demand they stop funding lies, deadly disinformation, and extremist right-wing violence.

Here’s the list of the top 12 companies giving millions of advertising money to Fox News every year: GlaxoSmithKline, Liberty Mutual, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Intuit, NortonLifeLock, Nestle, Kraft Heinz, Progressive, Charles Schwab, Toyota, and Subaru.

According to Media Matters, Fox News has cast doubt on or pushed conspiracy theories about the November election nearly 800 times.

  • Lou Dobbs, on November 16, told Fox viewers that “this is a war, this is a battle for the control of our government and for the future of this nation.”
  • Sean Hannity, on December 18, said that “there’s no doubt this [election] was stolen. No doubt whatsoever.”
  • Jesse Watters, on his Fox show on December 26, said that “when they sabotage a president who actually changed things, we don’t rebel, we don’t march, we don’t resist. … We used to storm the castle over abuses of power like this.”

These repeated lies and incitements to violence led directly and predictably to what happened on January 6th.

This obviously isn’t just a matter of pushing lies about the election — Fox’s lies hurt all of our communities, whether they’re about climate denialism, scapegoating immigrants, undermining COVID public health measures, or saying that Black Lives Matter is going to “come for you” (Tucker Carlson, on June 8). Fox News is the gateway channel to far-right extremism in America.

It’s long past time for us to turn off Fox’s money faucet and the hypocrisy we’re seeing from corporations across the spectrum. At the same time as they’re putting out statements condemning the January 6 attacks, corporations like General Motors, Liberty Mutual, GlaxoSmithKline, and Subaru have continued buying ads on Fox News.

Join our campaign to call out the companies underwriting Fox’s dangerous lies and enabling fascist violence. These companies can either keep on funding Fox’s lies or say that they support American democracy — not both. It’s high time for them to choose.

Please send a message demanding that 12 of Fox News’s biggest advertisers stop funding Fox now.