Southeast Convergence for Climate Action coming to the Carolinas!

The Southeast Convergence for Climate Action, near Asheville, North Carolina, will bring together activists across the region who are fighting mountaintop removal mining and coal and nuclear power plants. Mountaintop removal coal mining is currently devastating the ecologically diverse southern Appalachian Mountains. The coal companies have literally flattened hundreds of square miles of mountains, destroyed thousands of miles of our life giving streams, and terrorized countless communities in the process. Meanwhile southern utility companies are planning a blitzkrieg of new dirty coal plants, despite our regions already dismal air quality. To add insult to injury these same utility companies are using climate change as a justification for building a new fleet of dangerous nuclear reactors.
With extreme weather, massive species extinctions, and melting ice caps becoming a more urgent and dire reality each day, it is high time for us to come together to take direct action against the root causes of climate change. This summer, environmental and social justice groups throughout the Southeast will come together for the Southeast Convergence for Climate Action, a gathering to learn and take collective action against climate Change.

The convergence will consist of a week of information and skill-based workshops, strategy sessions, and direct action aimed at building a no-compromise climate justice movement. With some of the Big Green environmental groups selling out to the nuclear and “clean” coal industries, and large, corporate-led climate initiatives designed to preempt any meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions being pushed in DC, grassroots groups need to join forces with affected communities to fight the fossil fuel empire and create truly sustainable, community-based solutions outside of the capitalist system.

The Convergence for Climate Action will be a space to gain necessary skills for fighting climate change in your region; to network with a broad range of environmental and social justice activists; to engage in intensive strategy sessions aimed at mapping out effective approaches to fighting climate change on a regional level; to confront oppression in our organizing; and to take action.

The Convergence for Climate action aims to promote a just, rapid transition away from fossil fuels; promote environmental justice by supporting communities that are fighting dirty energy developments in their backyards; encourage direct action as a means for challenging dirty energy and empowering the movement to stop climate change, and to increase networking and strategizing amongst the diverse social justice and environmental movements fighting climate change and the energy industry

Workshops will include Direct Action 101, Climbing Trainings, Strategic Action Planning, Anti-oppression, Sustainable living skills, Debunking False Solutions, Blockades, Media, and much more. The convergence will culminate in a coordinated day of direct action against fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

Please join us for this exciting week of learning, networking, fun, and action. Due to requests of our hosts we ask that you please pre-register for the convergence. We’ll see you in August.

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