Alter-Eco: REAL news from the UN Climate Conference

Bali Meetings Alter-Eco is published by a group of non-governmental organizations, indigenous people’s organizations and social movements at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP-13. The groups came together to make a unified call in support of real solutions to climate change and against the false market-based solutions to climate change that are being implemented under the Kyoto Protocol.

Alter-Eco is an instrument to project the collective voices of groups reflecting the views and concerns of grassroots constituencies and impacted communities all over the world.

Contributing organizations include: Global Justice Ecology Project, Global Forest Coalition, Carbon Trade Watch/ Transnational Institute, CORE (Center for Organizational Research and Education), PIPEC, The Corner House, SEEN (Sustainably Energy and Economy Network), BiofuelWatch, World Rainforest Movement.

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  • Issue No. 3: Download PDF
  • Issue No. 2: Download PDF
  • Issue No. 1: Download PDF
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