International Day of Action January 26 2008, targeting global agribusiness, demand food sovereignty now!

Call to action
International Day of Action January 26 2008

Join Via Campesina and other organizations worldwide in demanding Food Sovereignty and an end to the corporate control of our food system by global agribusiness

On January 26 self-organized groups from all around the world will take creative action in their community. This will manifest in many ways, from nonviolent direct action, civil disobedience, street theater, convergences, teach-ins and other activities and events. Grassroots movements around the world are making their voices heard and saying “Another World is Possible” in coordination with the World Social Forum.

In solidarity with global farmer’s movement Via Campesina who has called for action on this day, Rainforest Action Network, Rising Tide North America, and the Student Trade Justice Campaign are calling for individuals and grassroots groups to take action to demand food sovereignty by rejecting the industrialized food system controlled by international institutions and global agribusinesses and promoting the transition to sustainable, small-scale, decentralized local food systems.

Why are we calling for this? Because people’s lives depend on it. Our globalized food system, and the increasing push for industrial-scale agrofuels are pushing people off their lands around the world and depriving small farmers, Indigenous communities, and millions of people everywhere from access to land and resources to grow their own food. While this may seem archaic to many people in the US who buy their food at the supermarket, 70% of the world population make a living though producing food.

Transitioning to local food systems is a direct response to fighting climate change, preserving forests, and other ecosystems that are critical to the earth’s carbon cycling capacity as well as standing in solidarity with farmers, Indigenous communities and landless people worldwide.

This transition is necessary to prepare ourselves for the changing climate by taking back control and local ownership of land, seeds, biodiversity, water and where and how we produce our food.

There are many ways our actions can manifest: by targeting agribusiness giants like Cargill, Monsanto and ADM that are headquartered in the US we can act in solidarity with people in the global south (and here in the U.S.) where these agribusinesses are wreaking havoc on people’s food sovereignty.

You can take action in a variety of ways, some ideas include: organizing a demonstration at a supermarket chain, or a large-scale agrofuels refinery that isn’t community based, or finding out what agribusiness facilities are located in your town and take action against them using non-violent direct action, civil disobedience, banner hangs, flyering, and creative street theater. If action isn’t your cup of tea you can organize a local foods dinner to bring farmers and eaters together in your community and facilitate a discussion about what food sovereignty looks like in your community.

For example, the Student Trade Justice Campaign is coordinating students to organize actions outside key supermarkets chains in their community. They will be passing out flyers with information about why we should demand food sovereignty and challenge the corporate control over our food system as well as promote the transition to sustainable, small-scale, decentralized local food networks. On the same flyer, there will be information about local farmers’ markets and community owned local stores etc… To find out more contact

We are still in the process of designing and planning our actions and would like to include other organizations and individuals as much as possible. We have a phone conference call scheduled for Monday December 17 at 5pm Eastern/ 2pm Pacific. Please spread the word far and wide, we strongly desire your feedback and suggestions. The call in number will be 1-800-220-9875 and access code is: 53705125#

For more information and action ideas and resources go to:

Have an action planned? Let us know, email

And please post your action on the World Social Forum website:

Another World is Possible!

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