Indiana’s Wabash River Flooding-Again!

Hey Storm,

Well, we got just over 2.5″ of rain here in Lafayette, Indiana this past
Tuesday, with unbelievable thunderstorms!! Of course, that meant the
Wabash River is flooded again. It flooded at 22.5′ on January  8th, and
now that folks finally cleaned up their homes so that they could move back
into them have once again been evacuated. This time, the Wabash will crest
at 25 feet!  Here is an interesting stat:

Since January of 1960, there have been 10 large floods at Lafayette,
a span of 48 years. 8 of these large floods (out of 10) have occurred since
the SUMMER OF 2003!!! A span of only 4.5 years! This is statistically off
the charts.

As can be seen, the river floods basically Twice Every Year now, and not
once every 20 years or so, as it was between 1960 and 2002.

Later On!


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