Climate Science: Forests & False Solutions

This work out of Purdue regarding incorporating deforestation into climate models is critical…
except see what they’re doing with it: incrporating it right into false solutions. I got my undergrad
degree from that department…not always so proud of that when reminded of who they really
cater to.

Kyoto & “Green capitalism” makes me wanna puke…


From AAAS EurekAlert

Public Release: 22-Apr-2008
AGU journal highlights — April 22, 2008

In this issue:

Cooling a climate disagreement; Southern skies sensitive to ozone
variation; Do surges trigger geomagnetic substorms?; Model warns
early of Indonesia, Australia drought; Corals reveal oceans’ carbon
reservoir age; Unusual tremor jiggles Mexican zone.

Contact: Peter Weiss
American Geophysical Union

Public Release: 22-Apr-2008
Carbon Balance and Management

Purdue researchers propose way to incorporate deforestation into
climate change treaty

Purdue University researchers have proposed a new option for
incorporating deforestation into the international climate change
treaty. The approach would provide carbon credits for developing
countries that both set aside a portion of existing forests and slow
the rate at which the remaining forests are cut down. A key point in
the approach is its call for a deceleration of deforestation.

Contact: Elizabeth K. Gardner
Purdue University


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