Climate Change, Melting Ice…Earthquakes?

Alaska researchers cited some evidence that loss of hugely heavy ice
masses on mountains will be releasing earthquakes that are currently
restrained under great pressure from above.

So earthquakes become not quite off-topic for a climate list.
(Credit: Aaron Velasco, University of Texas at El Paso)

This map of the world shows seismic stations that detected more than
twice the normal number of small, nearby earthquakes after the
passage of what are known as “surface waves” from major quakes that
were centered hundreds to thousands of miles away and occurred from
1992 through 2006. A new study co-authored by University of Utah
seismologist Kris Pankow found that at least 12 of the 15 major
earthquakes (greater than magnitude-7) during 1992-2006 triggered
small quakes in distant parts of the world. Scientists once believed
big quakes could not trigger distant tremors.

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