Action Alert: WildEarth Gets Animated About Clean Water!

WildEarth Gets Animated About Clean Water!

WildEarth Guardians is fighting for permanent protection of the cleanest waters in the Southwest, using a little known provision of the Clean Water Act (called Outstanding Waters). In New Mexico, we’re supporting Governor Richardson in his mission to designate over 5,000 river miles as Outstanding Waters, ensuring their pristine quality forever (as well as the quality of the surrounding national forest).

Our efforts include the production of our first Wild Short-an animated film meant to inform you about clean waters and inspire you to act. Follow the link below to watch the film and sign our petition:


You can help protect our clean waters in two ways: by sharing our Clean Water Video with your friends and family, and by donating today:


Each $20 donation helps preserve a mile of wild rivers across the West.

Check out our profile at Charity Navigator:

WildEarth Guardians
505 988-9126
312 Montezuma, Santa Fe – New Mexico – 87501


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