Winona LaDuke Loses Home to Fire–Needs Our Help

Winona LaDuke Loses Home to Fire–Needs Our Help

This past weekend, Winona’s house had an electrical fire and the house
burnt to the ground. No one was hurt. While the house and its contents
are gone, the blessing is that all five kids and three grandchildren are
safe. I’m writing to you because I know Winona won’t ask for help, and I
also know she really needs our support.

Winona bought her house about 20 years ago and it was filled with art,
books, music, photos and other collectibles that reflected her story and
the story of her family.

What will be most missed are these memories, and we can recreate some of
them. Photos: One positive thing about being a public figure is that
lots of folks have photos of you and your children. We have a good
collection at Honor the Earth but I’m asking if you could go through
your pictures and send photos you have of the family, especially the
kids. Wasey and Ajuwak were born before the digital age so a lot of the
photos of them growing up are gone. Photos would mean a lot.

Movement T-shirts and Art: The kids all had an amazing collection
ofmovement t-shirts that comprised the bulk of their wardrobe. Winona
basically shopped for her kids at the events she attended around the
world. If you have any political message shirts or shirts from historic
activist events in sizes Small, Large or X-Large, I know the kids would
cherish them. Zapatista shirts are a favorite.

Also gone is Winona’s amazing collection ofposters and art from decades
past. I know she would appreciate any no-nukes, safe energy,
anti-colonial, no-gmo and Native activist art.Books: Winona had a
library that fed her mind and soul, and that she often turned to for
research material.If you can send books, fiction and non-fiction, she
can begin her collection again.

Lastly, Winona has a newborn grandson, Little Crow, who along with her
twotoddler grandchildren lost all of their clothes and blankets. These
are the things — photos, t-shirts and art, books and
baby/toddlerclothing that I think would be most helpful right now, and
would touch the family most.

Winona and the kids are renting an apartment in Detroit Lakes and will
be staying there over the winter while envisioning building a new home.
Right now, the best shipping address is White Earth Land Recovery/Honor
the Earth office up in Callaway:

Winona LaDuke
White Earth Land Recovery Project
607 Main Avenue
Callaway, MN 56521


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