MNN: Zionists Meddling With Indigenous in Canada?

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Subject: MNN Zionists meddling with Indigenous?
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Date:    Wed, November 5, 2008 1:20 pm

ARE ZIONISTS BACKING A 4 PRONGED PLOT TO TRAP US IN PALESTINIAN-STYLE ENCLAVES? – Lobbying, Media Relations, Fund Raising & Government  – for our land and resources

MNN. Nov. 4, 2008. Obama’s election can’t solve everything. Colonialism has left a complex and troubling legacy. We have to work together to solve it. There’s no quick fix. We have to stop the post-911 psychomania that has tried to make fascism a necessity? 

Panic and fear produce strange reactions. After MNN’s November 1 story about training of Ontario police on Israeli security tactics, an MNN staff received a strange call from “Pres. and L. Bush” with no message. Another MNNer was followed by a strange “cop” looking woman and photographed. The colonial Mohawk police visited another staff member’s home with a bunch of papers in hand. Then a few choppers circled over Katenies’ house. Finally a strange wooden sculpture was left in front of the MNN publishers house.  All within a 24-hour period.  

In March 23, 2008, Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, went to Israel to sign the Canada-Israel “Public Security” Agreement with Avi Dicter, Minister of Public Security of Israel. They plan to share technology, information and personnel in “border management and security; correctional services and prisons; immigration; money laundering [mostly theirs]; organized crime; terrorist financing and trafficking in persons”. This makes it look like Israel is running Canada! Considering all the blood on their hands, does Israel really provide a good model for intercultural relations? U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and other senior officials were there in “private meetings”. A week later Moshe Ronan, Chairman of the Canada Israel Committee, was with Avi Dicter in Israel. They got bombed which helped to justify the security agreement–in Canada! What kind of reasoning is this?

A few days later Ontario government announced it’s preparing to pass the “Photo ID Act” for June 2009. The new card will have a number tagged to a private data base. Some will be “flagged”, like Ongwehonwe, immigrants and “resisters of fascism”. 

Day’s Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness cabal includes: Chantal “Dirty-Hands” Bernier, ADM, Community Safety and Partnerships (613) 993-4325; J. Scott “Mouthpiece” Broughton, Sr. ADM, Emergency Management & National Security (613) 991-2820; Diane “Clean-Blouse-and-Polished-Shoes” MacLaren, ADM, Policing, Law Enforcement & Interoperability (613) 990-2703; and Kristina “Who’s-Got-Her-Dirty-Finger-On-the-Button” Namiesniowski, ADM, Strategic Policy (613) 949-6435.  These bureaucrats tell the Minister what to do and say and make all the “Dr. Strangelove” plans.

Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research wrote in April 2, 2008, that Public Safety Canada works closely with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Correctional Service Canada (CSC) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)–who all work together trying to victimize the Ongwehonwe. [See Links #1 at end] Are they preparing to turn our communities into refugee camps like they’ve done in Palestine? The Ontario Mission went to Israel to study how to surround people with huge prefab walls, armed guards, electrical fences, high tech surveillance, super militarized checkpoints, to burn down crops and keep people from going to jobs, hospitals and schools often leading to death.

In 2005 nearly 35 Chiefs of Police, mostly from Ontario’s cities near Ongwehonwe communities, went to Israel to explore Israeli police procedures. The trip was initiated by Bernie Farber, and paid by the Canadian Jewish Congress, United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General (Monte Kwinter), the Israeli government, the police service boards, Canada Israel Committee and U.S. Department of Homeland Security through “Security Solutions International”. It looks like the U.S. has been hiding its duplicity by giving money to Security Solutions who then turn it over to the sponsoring organizations. They’re backs are still sore from patting themselves on how well they pulled this one over on the Canadian retardants. 

Is getting control over policing and prisons part of the four prongs of the Zionist mission? The four cornerstones in Ontario are Bernie Faber, the media man; Monte Kwinter, the longtime Toronto MPP; Morris Zbar, the money manager for the United Jewish Appeal; and Eric Maldoff, Heenan Blaikie Montreal, the lobbyist with the Canada-Israel Committee. We know Eric and his style at Kanesatake and other Mohawk communities. He knows how to stir up trouble for us. Then he hides under a rock until the coast is clear, and gets well paid for it. [See link #2] Susan Howard-Azzeh made a report on the complaint that was filed by the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights Against Racism Canada to the Premier of Ontario Dalton “Chicken-Teeth” McGuinty, the Hamilton, Toronto, York Regional, Ottawa, Windsor police forces, Ontario Registered Lobbyists and the OPP.  

Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and his gang disrupted the September 21, 2005 public meeting to prevent information about Israeli police brutality against the Palestinians from being heard publicly. [See #3 Link]. Farber stood against a wall where he had a clear line of site with Police Services Board Chair, Bernie “Scaredy-Cat” Morelli. Farber gave signals to Morelli to “refrain” speakers from talking about “politics”. A witness reported that his crowd continually disrupted the speakers with shouting and intimidation. During a slide presentation of photos of brutal Israeli police methods, his cohorts screamed, bellowed and stamped their feet like they were in a union hall meeting. A screeching woman stood up and blocked the images. Morelli cancelled the meeting, which might have been the plan. [See Link #4] Bernie “Media Man” Farber likes to charge his critics with “anti-semitism”. These kinds of guys have all the money it takes to use Canadian courts as a tool to bully people and prevent legitimate criticism. Just by publishing this piece today, we are putting ourselves at risk. Are they going to try to “Ahenakew” us? Farber mercilessly attacked Indigenous elder, David Ahenakew, for privately muttering something critical about the Israelis.  Meanwhile the corporate media has brushed aside complaints about defamatory statements made, on the record, to the press by Dick Pound in his official capacity as a member of the International Olympic Committee and the board of McGill University.

Monte “The Politician” Kwinter, a long time Toronto MPP seems to be the man who carries the Zionist message to the legislature.

Eric “The Lobbyist” Maldoff of the Canada Israeli Committee seems to be pushing all things Israeli. 

Morris “The Money Man” Zbar of the United Jewish Appeal was Deputy Minister of Correctional Services. He sits on the Correctional Services Canada “transformation team” involved in setting up these Ongwehonwe “porta-prisons”, which can be quickly set up, dismantled and moved before anyone can complain about it.     

The Canada Israeli Committee Board has some high flyers. Many are in “real estate” development on our territory that we never ceded. CIC has offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Israel. [See Link #6]. See who CIC Board members are at the end of this article.

What do Israeli checkpoints have to do with Ontario lives? Unless that is what is being planned for us. If we don’t turn this around we may be left with no control our lives with devastating consequences, like no access to jobs, schools or hospitals and no way to defend ourselves.   
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#1 –
(Official communique of Israel’s Ministry of Public Security, )
#3  and . ) .
#4 to prevent information from being heard publicly. 
#5 –  Canadian Jewish Congress
Canada Israel Committee Quebec Israel Committee (514) 934-0771 Téléc. : (514) 933-8211
#6 -

Canada Israeli Committee. Many of the members of the board are real estate tycoons who wheel and deal on our unsurrendered Ongwehonwe territories. CIC is a well-financed lobby group. They seem to like to brag, exaggerate and out-do each other. It looks like the kind of thing people do when they want to pad up their resumes. They set up organizations and then put themselves and each other on them:

Moshe Ronen, World Jewish Congress, Skylink Aviation, First Capital Realty Corporation with shopping centre portfolios;;
Jason Caron, Heenan Blaikie LLP Montreal, Quebec-Israel Committee;;
David Kroft, Fillmore Riley LLP, Manitoba;;
Marc Gold, Maxwell Cummings & Sons Holdings Limited, Professor McGill University., Canada-Israel Committee, CJA, United Israel Appeals Federations Canada, Jewish Agency for Israel.
Ken Boessenkool, Hill & Knowlton Canada, a lobby for the military industry, advisor and strategist to Stephen Harper, C.D. Howe Institute “think tank”;;
Father Raymond J. de Souza, Roman Catholic priest, Kingston, Ontario, columnist for National Post, Vatican press corps, chaplain, Queen’s University, itching to become a bishop or cardinal. [When are they going to appoint a Jewish Pope?]; [See Link #5];    
David Kroft, Fillmore Riley LLP, commercial litigation and insolvency law. Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, Liberal Party of Canada; Michael Diamond, business consultant and investor; Dr. Michael Elterman, clinical psychologist specializing in forensic evaluations throughout entire Pacific North West [where there are lots of Indigenous communities], Canadian Jewish Congress’ Pacific; Professor Karen Eltis, Hebrew University Jerusalem and Columbia University School of Law; Barbara Farber, CEO Leikin Group, Ottawa-based real estate. Ottawa Jewish Community; Len Farber, Ogilvy Renault, tax policy; Paul Forseth, former MP, Canada Israel Friendship Group in Parliament; Rob Gasner, Toronto, Re/max Realtron Realty Inc., residential and commercial re-sales.  Canadian Jewish Congress–Ontario; Brenda Gewurz, Proment Corporation, a residential real-estate company in Montreal. Hebrew Academy. CJA, Hillel, Jewish Community Foundation. Husband is a real-estate developer; Paul Goldman, corporate and securities law. Goodmans LLP. BC Securities Commission. Writes on interjurisdictional and cross-border issues; Cary Green, Verdiroc develops properties for residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects [on Ongwehone land]. Alex Halpern, Canadian Federation of Jewish Students (CFJS) at McGill, United Israel Appeal Federations Canada (UIAFC); Donna Holbrook, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem [ICEJ], AMEN (Anti-Semitism Must End Now), calls herself a Christian Zionist. Claude Lajeunesse, President Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC), TD Meloche Monnex and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL). Canadian Liver Foundation to take care of those who get sick from nuclear radiation or drinking too much?; Eric Maldoff, Heenan Blaikie Montreal, land claims negotiator, general destroyer of Ongwehone who foments trouble for us through his PMO and government connections; Brian Morris, who works at the “apple tree” Morris & Morris L.L.P, B’nai Brith Canada; Berl Nadler, McGill & Harvard Law Schools. Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP. UJA Toronto. Joe Nadler, Reform Movement for Progressive Judaism. Nancy “meddlesome” Rosenfeld, runs Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies. Stephen R. Bronfman Foundation. Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation. Special Advisor to Montreal Mayor Pierre Bourque [as any Montrealer will tell you, she must have given him some lousy advice]. Montreal YM-YWHA where she works out. Trans Canada Trail where she wants to jog. Carol Ryder, White Iron Group of Companies. Lisa Samson, Ottawa. Strategy Corp, public affairs and government relations. Key member of Conservative Party “war room” [war against us?] Frequent media commentator and blabbermouth for Conservatives;
Mark Waldman, Tacfast Systems International, global flooring [we all need something to stand on], Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee(CJPAC), Access Middle East and United Way. “Friends of America” to counter anti-American sentiment in Canada. [Has his work cut out for him]. Advisor to CIJA and Friends of Simon Weisenthal Centre that promotes history of holocaust guilt and Zionism. Hymie Weinstein Q.C., Myers Weinberg LLP. Lectures Bar Admission Course, Winnipeg Police Academy, and National Criminal Law Program of Federation of Law Societies. CIC Honorary Board Brent Belzberg, Toronto. Torquest Partners Inc. Manages and mismanages over $700M private equity funds. CIBC director. Four Seasons Hotels. DayMen Lowepro. Canadian Council for Israel & Jewish Advocacy, “CIJA”; Harrowston Corp. (formerly First City Financial Corp.); First City Capital Markets; Tory, Tory, Deslauriers & Binnington. 
Joseph Gabay, Sepharade Francophone, Hillel of the Federation Sepharadie Canadienne and Québec. He got some kind of Sepharade award. Teaches math at CEGEP Rosemont. Married to Dolly [is that the cloned sheep?]; Hon. E. Leo Kolber, P.C., Claridge Inc. CEMP Investments, trusts set up by the late Sam Bronfman. Fairview Corporation real estate. Cadillac Fairview Corporation. Senate of Canada [til he got too old and his snoring kept the other senators awake]. Revenue Committee of the Liberal Party of Canada [which could be one of the reasons they’re now broke].

Some Ontario politicians.
Rick Bartolucci Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services; Dave Levac Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services; Garfield Dunlop Critic, Community Safety and Correctional Services; Peter Kormos Critic, Community Safety and Correctional Services; Brad Duguid Minister of Aboriginal Affairs; Jeff Leal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs; Norm Miller Critic, Aboriginal Affairs; Gilles Bisson Critic, Aboriginal Affairs;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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