RTNA, EF! Challenge the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility

Nov.4, 2008-Montpelier, VT

Citizens Demand Certificate of “No-Good” for Vermont Yankee!

Demanding the closure of Vermont Yankee, Green Mountain Earth First!, RTNA, and other citizens challenged the Vermont Public Service Board at their state office in Montpelier-Vermont’s capital-Monday morning. Dressed as elves and Santa Claus, the group entered the offfice and insisted that the Public Service Board (PSB) revoke Entergy Vermont Yankee’s Certificate of the Public Good and instead sign a large cardboard Certificate of the “Public Bad.” “We’ve talked with Santa Claus and clearly Entergy Nuclear has been up to no good,” said one of the elves entering the office. The group held photographs of Vermont Yankee’s 2007 cooling tower collapse and 2004 transformer fire as well as a giant banner reading ‘Do the Public a Service: Closer Vermont Yankee!’ The suddenly, an unforecasted “snowstorm” enshrouded the entire office-bringing an early (nuclear) winter to the annoyed PSB office personnel.

While the Vermont PBS considers giving Entergy Nuclear a Certificate of the Public Good to continue operating the 30-year-old Vernon reactor until 2032, many Vermonters question the reliability, safety, and costs associated with clean up. “Due to accidents, leaks, and decay, Energy is regularly having to power down, decontaminate workers, and scramble to keep a clean image for the media. They eant to keep this kind of behavior going for another 25 years…we say ‘NO WAY!!'” exclaimed Bill Smith-an impassioned Vermonter who participated in the demonstration. The facility is located in southern Vermont-which is populated mostly by economically-marginalized farmers and workers. The facility provides energy to Burlington-in the north of the state.

In an effort to receive a 20-year license extension, Entergy is claiming that it will not have the money to pay for decommissioning the plant until 2026. According to Green Mtn. EF!er Erik Gilliard: “Entergy is leading us on. They haven’t given a penny to the decommissioning fund since they bought the place, yet they’re promising $60 million twenty years down the road. They’re trying to bribe the state to renew the license.” Earlier this month, Entergy said the decommissioning fund was valued at $397 million-that’s $43 million short of where the fund stood before the stock market fell in October. “And the bribe isn’t guaranteed!” Gilliard adds.

When asked about the event, “Santa Claus” responded: “Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yanke is dangerous, dirty, and out of control. They’ve been lying and cheating Vermont for years. They are on the “bad” list and deserve a Certificate of the Public No-Good. The PSB needs to know-ho-ho this!”

Many people-including the energy industrialists and President-Elect Barack Obama-are campaigning to delude the public that resurrecting the ugly, glowing nuclear beast represents part of the solution to the global climate crisis. Many Vermonters already know better-and both the PSB and Entergy Nuclear will be hearing much more from us in the future…


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