New Media Initiative Launch: New Voices on Climate Change

FYI: This project is meant to focus on the perspectives of people much more disenfranchised than the white-male middle-class (thus far the most broadcast voices on this subject). The point is to elevate the voices of those REALLY getting screwed: Indigenous, people of color, wimmin, poor/working-class, etc.

Want to get involved?


Hi all,

The following is a Media Advisory we sent out today to the U.S. media.  We
will be sending a Press Release on Monday nationally and internationally on
New Voices on Climate Change.  So as not to overload you with emails, we
won’t send that release to this list (something else exciting will most
likely be going out to you then).  But we do however, want you to see the
webpage (still a bit under construction) that we put up on New Voices on
Climate Change and introduce
speakers that are already involved in this project.

–Colette Oesterle, Global Justice Ecology Project, Media and Campaigns

Media Advisory  26 November 2008

New Media Initiative Launch: New Voices on Climate Change-Monday, 1
December, 2008

New Voices on Climate Change is an innovative initiative of Global Justice
Ecology Project, the goal of which is to broaden the climate debate in the
U.S. by amplifying the voices of peoples around the world who are already
being impacted by climate change.

As the economic downturn stirs up concerns about the viability of
alternative energy development, and with the UNFCCC COP-14 meeting in
Poznan, Poland only days away, discussions on approaches to climate change
are taking center stage. With the incoming Obama administration, the United
States must re-frame its approach to climate change. In order for the U.S.
to avoid falling into the trap of false solutions that reinforce the
status-quo and greenwash polluting corporations in the eye of the public,
the climate change debate in the U.S. must be broadened. Environmental
groups are already putting pressure on this new administration to take swift
and effective action on climate change.

A Press Release with detailed information will be sent on Monday 1 December,
2008 from Poznan, Poland announcing the New Voices Speakers available for interviews
and the New Voices webpage will be introduced.

The New Voices on Climate Change initiative includes the following
* An aggressive media campaign to connect mainstream and alternative media
in the U.S. with individuals representing communities impacted by climate
* Production of a speakers’ directory of these New Voices that will be
distributed to environmental and climate organizations across the country to
encourage inclusion of New Voices speakers in climate-related events.
* A U.S. speaking tour in the fall of 2009.

Colette Oesterle, Global Justice Ecology Project, Media and Campaigns,
Ph: +1 482 2689, Mobile +1 517 449 3978 Email:
Orin Langelle, Global Justice Ecology Project in Poznan, Poland, Mobile +48
696 723 046 (30 November-13 December 2008)


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