DC: Demo against Line 3 pipeline at US Army Corps of Engineers HQ, demand action from Biden

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Activists demonstrate against Minnesota Line 3 pipeline at US Army Corps of Engineers HQ, demand action from Biden

The Line 3 pipeline has faced criticism from Indigenous leaders and the climate movement since 2013

WHAT: Morning demonstration at the US Army Corps of Engineers office

WHO: ShutDownDC, 350 DC, Extinction Rebellion DC, Occupation Free DC, Arm in Arm 4 Climate DC

WHY: The struggle against Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline is heating up in northern Minnesota, with Indigenous activists putting their bodies on the line to stop the pipeline and the harm it will bring to the environment and local communities.

In recent weeks activists from across the US, including  DC, have traveled to Minnesota to occupy pipeline construction sites alongside Indigenous water protectors. At [X] separate camps, they have faced freezing cold temperatures and police repression. In once instance, police kettled a peaceful demonstration that resulted in one arrest and 70 citations for [X].

[would move this to the second paragraph] Against this backdrop, DC activists are urging President Biden and the Army Corps of Engineers to revoke permits for the Line 3 pipeline, echoing the demands of Indigenous leaders and 374 social justice organizations.

HOW: For press inquiries please contact Andrew Sobey, sobeyac@gmail.com, (425) 802-2140 or Thomas Walker, thomaswalker317@gmail.com, (540) 878-3295.

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