FREE #DefundLine3 art for your city or town

Can’t make it to Minnesota to #StopLine3? You can still play a big role in shutting it down.

Movement artists have put together an incredible FREE #DefundLine3 poster package to put up all around your city or town. The more people know about the injustice happening, the stronger the movement will be to stop it.

IMAGINE: Tens of thousands of colorful #DefundLine3 posters on walls and on business windows in hundreds of cities and towns across the US. Only you can make it happen!!

Get your free #DefundLine3 poster art package now.

The fight to stop Line 3 is heating up in Minnesota. Hundreds of activists have put themselves in harm’s way to make sure this dirty and dangerous pipeline doesn’t continue to get built. More and more people are going to the Indigenous-led frontlines to stand against the pipeline. Actions are happening every day.

Now it’s important to make sure the whole country knows the injustice happening and the Indigenous-led movement to defund and stop Line 3.

Let’s be as loud as we can and make sure Line 3 doesn’t continue to be built. Join the #DefundLine3 arts team now to spread the word in your community.

Line 3 is a proposed pipeline to bring nearly a million barrels of toxic tar sands per day from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin — through sacred wild rice beds, and the headwaters of the Mississippi. Grassroots resistance to the Line 3 pipeline has resulted in hundreds of actions across the country and the world. Join the movement with us!

Donate to poster shipping costs if you can.

Join the art deployment webinar on July 8th at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST to hear from artists David Solnit and Cy Wagoner on how to use the newspaper posters and use other art-based tactics such as street murals, banner drops, street theater, and more!

This is a project collaboratino of the NDN Collective, David Solnit, and Stop The Money Pipeline.

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