Hubbard County Sheriffs Barricade Access to Indigenous-led Private Property, Falsely Imprisoning Dozens of Water Protectors


pic via Giniw Collective

cross-posted from the Giniw Collective

Monday, June 28, 2021
(Park Rapids, MN) At 6am today, Hubbard County Sheriff’s Department escalated state repression when it served a notice to Namewag camp, located on private property, stating that the sole entrance to the property will be barricaded with no one allowed in or out.
“This is a blatantly unlawful attempt to target and repress Indigenous-led efforts to defend our land and water. The state of Minnesota appears to not understand treaty law, it also seems Minnesota doesn’t understand U.S. property law either,” said Tara Houska, Giniw Collective.
The Giniw Collective is an Indigenous women and two spirit-led collective to protect the land and water.
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