Anti-mountaintop removal mining activist recieving death threats from coal company thugs

Maria Gunnoe is a long time activist in the coalfields resisting mountaintop removal coal mining. Her and her family were nearly killed by flooding caused by a nearby strip mine several years ago. The flooding ended up washing away over 5 acres of her land which has been in her family for generations. In the wake of a recent court injunction against a new mine permit near her homestead, Maria has received several death threats. These are to be taken seriously, resistors in the coalfields have had there pets killed, houses burned, and attempts on their lives from coal company thugs. Below is her account of what happened

from Maria:

On September the 19th we (OVEC members) had a meeting on the proposed valley fill that Jupiter Coal company wants to put in Dry Branch hollow in Bim, WV. This meeting was to help to engage local people in legal battle to stop a proposed valley fill in Dry Branch Hollow. The meeting was held in a community building in Wharton WV, near my home, that I had rented for the evening in OVEC’s name. The meeting was due to start at 6:00 and around 5:30 the workers from Jupiter Coal Company started gathering in the parking lot. Within 15 minutes the workers had filled the parking lot blocking any areas for any community members to park so instead of coming to the meeting they had no choice but to pass by.

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