Groups to mark Gulf Oil Spill anniversary with direct action against fossil fuel extraction.


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March 21, 2011

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Groups to mark Gulf Oil Spill anniversary with direct action against fossil fuel extraction.

On April 20th dozens of environmental, climate, and social justice groups will target government and corporate operations with aggressive protests and civil disobedience in an International Day of Direct Action Against Extraction being organized by Rising Tide North America. The protests will commemorate the 1 year anniversary of BP’s Gulf Oil Disaster by demanding an end to the environmental destruction and climate destabilization created by fossil fuel and other extractive industries.

“The Gulf Oil Disaster was the worst manifestation of the disasters that are created by extractive industries on a daily basis” said Matt Wilkerson of Rising Tide North America. “Communities around the world are terrorized by corporate and state ventures to extract fossil fuels. On top of poisoning our water and polluting our air, extractive industries are at the root of our climate crisis. If we have any hope of averting the worst affects of climate change we must leave fossil fuels in the ground.”

Act Against Extraction on April 20th!

The day of action will feature protests by Gulf Coast residents fighting offshore drilling, Appalachians resisting mountaintop removal Continue reading

Stop Big Coal’s Lawsuits! National Call In Day of Action

Dear Friends–

34 non-violent protesters are under attack by Big Coal. Through 2009 and 2010, anti-mountaintop removal activists repeatedly put their bodies on the line to stop mountaintop removal coal mining operations in southern West Virginia. The company responsible for some of the region’s worst coal mining, Massey Energy, not only prosecuted the activists, but also filed civil suits against them in five separate suits.

Now Massey has been bought by another coal company, Alpha Natural Resources. It’s time to let Alpha know that we are paying attention and that continuing to pursue these lawsuits will only bring increased negative attention and annoyance. Continue reading

Los Mitos del Mercado de Carbono

Resulta evidente el fracaso que en cada reunión oficial de la convención marco para el cambio climático de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para llegar a acuerdos vinculantes en materia de medidas de mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático, es un fortalecimiento de las corporaciones transnacionales y las Instituciones Financieras Internacionales en los acuerdos sobre los mecanismos del

mercado de carbono y el precio de estos ante el negocio que representa la crisis climática, tanto para dichas corporaciones como para los gobiernos en el norte y sur global.

Para la descarga del folleto dar click aquí: Los mitos del mercado de carbono.

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