Oct 12-14: Disrupt the IMF/World Bank #ForPeopleForPlanet

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This October, the decision-makers at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank will be in Washington, DC for a week of closed-door meetings.

Inside the meetings, the Boards of Governors of these institutions will continue their nearly 80-year tradition of a small group of people from the most privileged countries in the world making decisions that affect every single person and every single place on this planet, most devastatingly the Global South.

Outside, a global coalition of activists, organizations and the everyday people impacted by the World Bank and IMF’s decisions will gather to make our voices heard, disrupt the meetings, and reject the idea that the choices these institutions are making are what’s best for humanity and the planet we call home.


  1. Debt Cancellation. We demand the unconditional cancellation of all debts owed to the IMF and World Bank
  2. Climate and Colonial Reparations. Global North countries must pay reparations for their past and ongoing wrongs.
  3. End destruction of people and Planet. We demand the end of support for all new oil, gas, and coal extraction, transport, and use projects


Oct 12: Bike Bloc – Let’s Crash their Party!  Join us at 5pm at Edward R. Murrow Park (H St. and 18th St NW) for a bike bloc to disrupt business as usual for the G-20 finance ministers. We’ll snake through the streets of Foggy Bottom during rush hour traffic, as the finance ministers work to make their way to their dinner. Then we’ll end the ride outside the dinner where we’ll shine a light on the shady backroom deals that are being made over caviar and brandy.

Oct 13: The People vs the IMF and World Bank. We are hereby putting the IMF and World Bank on trial for their crimes against life on earth. Operating on behalf of the predatory financial vultures, these institutions have imposed policies in our countries that have enriched a few elites while subjecting vast numbers of our people to a life of perpetual misery. Today, they are making a shameful bid to capitalize on the climate disasters, economic crisis and war-induced shocks to ensure exorbitant profits for the rich. We, the People of the World, affirm that life and dignity of all people is sacred. We reject the notion that life can be banked on and hedged, or that we owe debt to those who have exploited our people and plundered our lands.

Oct 13: Drown Them Out! Noise Demonstration at the G-20 Press Conference. On Thursday, October 13, after a day-and-a-half of backroom plotting and planning the G-20 finance ministers will emerge from their closed door meeting for a press conference where they’ll try to explain how continuing to rig the economy to benefit rich fossil fuel companies is going to somehow address the climate crisis. We’ve heard enough of their lies and excuses so we’re going to drown them out! Join us for a noise demonstration outside of the World Bank Headquarters to drown them out! Bring noise makers, megaphones, pots and pans, and air horns! We’re meeting at 1pm at Edward R Murrow Park so we can be ready to GET LOUD when the press conference starts at 1:45pm.

Oct 14: Another World is Possible! Disrupt the IMF & World Bank and Create the Future We Need.  The morning of October 14th, delegates to the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank will make their way to DAR Constitution Hall for their plenary session. Inside the meeting they’ll double down on their failed system of economic imperialism that created the climate crisis. Outside, we’ll take the streets to envision a new world, where we decarbonize and decolonize our global economy and create a new system that works for people and for our planet. We’ll hold a festival of resistance right in the middle of the streets surrounding the hall with music, food, art and culture as a way to embody the world we are trying to create.



Can’t stop, won’t stop. Not now, not ever.

You’re probably getting an absurd amount of fundraising emails right now. Yup, so are we. And, you’re probably reading promise after promise for change in 2020.
Well, this isn’t that type of email. Rising Tide North America isn’t here to sell you a rainbow unicorn winning strategy to make 2020 THE year for the climate and to beat Trump.
Cause the truth is Rising Tide’s mission has always been clear: uplift and support frontline and grassroots movements, and get more people into the streets. That’s it. That’s THE winning strategy: Helping build powerful systems of solidarity and mutual support based in long-term care and community — not false promises or prescribed momentum.
In 2020, Rising Tide will double down on taking risks and build movement infrastructure for the long haul. Will you support us with a gift of $15, $50 or even $500 to keep our work going?
This year, volunteer-led grassroots movements confronting the root causes of our toxic system have been consistent.
Rising Tide North America raised hell in the streets the Washington DC and San Francisco for the global climate strikes, organized a national organizing tour with Ende Gelände, took on PG&E in California, helped organize the Earth First rendezvous, and gave grassroots and frontline groups thousands of dollars from our Action Fund.

This is not a time for moderation in vision or spirit. It’s time to keep building and flexing our power, and Rising Tide is all in. We have a life long commitment to organizing and the movement — and the years ahead will prove pivotal.

We’re not going to sugar it, this year has been rough. Anyone who tells you different isn’t paying attention.
From a coup in Bolivia, the rise of Boris Johnson in the UK, and just plain old Trump being Trump shows the dark side of nationalism that can arise without solid visionary organizing. The Democratic Party is putting all its eggs in the impeachment basket and many non-profits are dumping resources in the November 2020 election.
But we don’t have to look far for inspiration. There have been so many acts of resistance in the streets across the world this year.
The global Climate Strikes led by young people have ushered in a new front in the climate fight, while community-based groups are escalating actions for bold transformation.
Protests in Chile and Hong Kong have reminded us that our movements must be prepared to respond to draconian government policies and corporate greed, and what it takes to sustain momentum in the face of repression.
It’s not the time to play by the rules. It’s time to get in the streets.

Germany’s biggest CO2-Polluter RWE Claims 2 Million Euros from climate activists

Europe’s largest CO2 emitter, the German energy company RWE, sues
climate activists for 2.07 million Euros for compensation.

Cologne, 05/29/2019:
The German power company RWE sues climate activists for 2.07 million
Euros for compensation. At the time of the 23rd UN Climate Conference in
Bonn in on 15 November 2017, the activist group “WeShutDown” blocked
conveyor belts and diggers in the Weisweiler coal power plant. With the
blockade, the activists achieved an almost complete shutdown of
Germany’s fourth biggest power plant.

Now, RWE is apparently trying to deter the anti-coal movement, demanding
large scale damages from activists for the first time. But the affected
activists will not let RWE intimidate them: “The claims by RWE cannot
stop our movement. Climate change is not waiting. Coal-fired power
plants must be shut down immediately and for good. As long as that is
not achieved, there will be blockades and other actions.” says activist
The activists have filed an objection against the lawsuit.

The activist also face a criminal court case. It has been scheduled now
for july 10th, 15th and 17th. The process will take place in Eschweiler,
and deals with legal accusations such as disturbance of public supply
and trespassing. The activists announce that they will use the attention
raised by the lawsuit to accuse RWE of the worldwide destruction of
livelihoods and to spread their demand for an immediate coal phase-out.

A journalist, who accompanied the action in Weisweiler, is also being
sued. RWE even tries to deny his status as a Journalist.
The activists reject the plans of the German government to run
coal-fired power plants until 2038: “Burning coal for another twenty
years is madness. The capitalist economic system is based on the
illusion of perpetual growth. That’s why we have to overcome it”, says

RWE, whose three large lignite-fired power plants Weisweiler,
Niederaussem and Neurath alone emit about ten percent of German CO2
emissions, is increasingly targeted by climate activists and
initiatives. The activists declare themselves to stand in solidarity
with the internationally known occupation in the nearby Hambach Forest,
which protects the ancient forest from the biggest RWE lignite mine.

**The activists can be contacted for interviews or further questions.

Contact: +491779037423 e-mail: wedontshutup@riseup.net twitter: @we_shut

Press review of the action and the campaign against the lawsuit (german

fotographs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147051632@N03/


West Virginia: 24 Arrested at the Gates of Toxic Rockwool Factory

pic via DC Media Group

Yesterday in Jefferson County, WV, over 300 community members showed up to take their concerns over toxic air and water pollution from a Danish Rockwool insulation factory straight to its gates.

Twenty-four people sat in and were arrested at the gates of the proposed Rockwool insulation plant. Local police barred the press and legal observers from video taping or photographing the arrests.

They are choosing to make us their guinea pigs, they are choosing to put us in harms way, they are choosing to save money by using coal and gas and putting children in direct harms way its disgusting and I’m 100% against this factory, we will stop it,” Scott Sarich said, a protester and a parent.

The company is building an insulation manufacturing plant that will spew hazardous toxins into the community’s air and water.

Local, state and federal officials have secretly committed over $37 million for incentives to a Danish corporation that would impose a polluting factory and significantly deteriorate our land, air and water. The factory site is within 2 miles of public schools attended by 30% of the county’s students. The pollutants emitted by the factory include phenol, formaldehyde, methane and PM 2.5 that affect the kidney, liver, brain, heart and lungs.  Furthermore, the 1400 acre industrial zone will use large amounts of water, coal and fracked gas in its operation.

To date, the WV Dept. of Environment has issued all the necessary permits for construction and operation, and the project has been supported by Senator Joe Manchin. (Shocking, we know.)

This is one of many mass arrests fighting the project organized by Resist Rockwool in recent months. Previous actions included sit-ins at Manchin’s D.C. office and the Danish embassy in D.C.