Rising Tide North America Statement on Influence of Corporate Polluters on Big “Greens” Groups

SAN FRANCISCO- Rising Tide North America released the following statement on the influence of corporate polluters on Big “Greens” groups:

“For far too long Big Green groups like the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Conservation International (CI), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and many others have allowed their financial and political relationships with Corporate America to compromise their positions on the biggest ecological crises in history. These groups, ostensibly fighting on our behalf, have chosen to ally themselves with the very corporations that we must stop to avert catastrophic climate chaos. Rising Tide North America opposes the influential hold that corporate polluters have held on the Big “Green” groups for decades and calls on those groups to sever these relationships.

“We think transparency from environmental organizations is important. While some of these organizations happily accept monetary donations from corporations, some do have public policies that appear to limit such direct contributions. However, just as corporations and politicians have learned to circumvent campaign-finance and donations laws – a similar shell game is often played in the philanthropic world. Direct corporate monies may not always appear in organizational operating budgets – money and influence from corporations dramatically influence and sway the priorities, politics, and agendas of these organizations. Continue reading

Fossil Fools Day: Environmental Activists Target Big “Greens” For Link to Corporate Polluters

Fossil ‘Fools Day Protests Set for 30 Cities; Target Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Big

SAN FRANCISCO—More than 30 cities throughout North America have organized
demonstrations against the fossil fuel industry, corporate banks and big
environmental organizations for April 1’st national Fossil ‘Fools’ Day.
Demonstrations are being coordinated by Rising Tide North America , which has also
launched an online campaign targeting “Big Green” groups that have taken money from
the worst corporate polluters. Key targets of the campaign include Conservation
International, National Wildlife Federation and Environmental Defense.

The National Day of Action – organized by Rising Tide North America, Mountain
Justice, a coalition of Canadian climate activists and others – will feature
clownish parades, flyering, subversive advertising, creative street theater, and
non-violent direct actions targeting the coal, oil, natural gas and banking sectors.
Cities where actions will take place include Asheville, Boulder, Chicago, Edmonton,
New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Ottawa, Salt Lake City, San Francisco,
Seattle, Toronto and Washington D.C.  Corporations targeted will include Chevron,
JPMorgan Chase, NW Natural Gas, Pepco and Shell.

“Extractive industries are holding our climate and our communities’ hostage,” said
Lacy MacAuley, an organizer of the Washington D.C. actions. “I am participating in
this Day of Action to tell fossil fools, like JPMorgan Chase and Pepco, that their
destructive investments are threatening our homes, our communities, and our
climate.” Continue reading

April 1, 2010: Fossil Fools Day!


The fossil fools ain’t no joke – but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight them with one!

The Fossil Fuel Empire is real and it’s here. The stakes couldn’t be higher: destabilization of the global climate, communities from Alaska to Appalachia being destroyed by dirty energy extraction and combustion, devastating super hurricanes, droughts, flooding, the list goes on…

Last December in Copenhagen, the politicians sold us out to the fossil fools, corporate lobbyists and big banks. Now we’re left with “green capitalism,” carbon market shenanigans and continued assaults on our communities and ecosystems. If we’re going to stop climate change, the only real solution is to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

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This April, join Rising Tide North America as we pull some pranks that pack a punch. Use the simply subversive to the downright disruptive: office occupations, banner drops, road blockades, clownish parades, spoof product launches, sub-vertising, leaflets, street theater, lock-downs and laugh-ins. Whatever works for you and your group!

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