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Seattle Activists Mount Tripod – Stop Exploding Oil Trains

Five residents of Seattle and Everett, WA, working with Rising Tide Seattle, have stopped work at a Burlington Northern Santa-Fe Rail Yard in Everett by erecting a tripod-structure on the outbound railroad tracks, directly in front of a mile-long oil train. Follow Rising Tide Seattle for live updates on Facebook and Twitter. Seattle resident Abby Brockway – a small business owner, and mother – is suspended from the structure 18 feet above the tracks while four other residents are locked to the legs the tripod. The group…

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Rising Tide North America Statement of Solidarity with Palestine

Rising Tide North America Statement of Solidarity with Palestine Rising Tide North America is part of the global movement against climate chaos and for social and environmental justice. We believe climate change can only be addressed by exposing the intersections between the oppressions of humans and the earth. No effort to create a livable future will succeed without the empowerment of marginalized communities and the dismantling of the systems of oppression that keep us divided. As such, we condemn the Israeli military’s attacks on the…

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Dallas, TX: Protestors Lock Themselves Inside of Hilton in Protest of ALEC Convention

For Immediate Release: July 30, 2014 Contact: Jonathan Adams, Blackland Prairie Rising Tide, 817-676-4913, [email protected] This morning, two community members from the organization Blackland Prairie Rising Tide locked themselves to stair banisters inside of the Hilton Anatole hotel at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annual national convention in Dallas, Texas. Subsequently, two more protesters dropped a banner from a banister in the hotel lobby reading “We Suffer, ALEC Profits.” Beginning on Wednesday, thousands of business executives as well as local, state and national politicians…

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Three Jailed in Oil Train Blockade at Anacortes Tesoro Refinery

For Immediate Release 7/28/14 Seattle, WA: The activists arrived at the Tesoro Refinery tracks at about 7:45am this morning, and finally released themselves shortly after noon, at which time they were taken into custody; the barrels remained on the tracks for about another half-hour while the police awaited equipment to remove them. About thirty supporters had surrounded the blockade; all eventually moved down the hill when police insisted, but remained nearby until the police cars drove off. Both the arrestees and their supporters stressed the…

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