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News from and about the Camps for Climate Action and Convergences for Climate Actions

Caravana Climatica

La Caravana Climatica: Epic Climate Action-Tour Through 17 Latin American Countries

As we speak, a group of independent media collectives and activists are taking a bus through Central America. Their destination? COP20, the United Nations climate negotiations in Lima, Peru. On their way, La Caravana Climatica (Climate Caravan in English) will meet with dozens of communities fighting for climate justice in 17 countries. As experienced media makers, they’ll be working with local radio, documenting everything, and ensuring the voices of the people are heard at COP 20! Can you chip in $10 to help La Caravana…

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Midwest Rising BOA Protest

Midwest Rising! Convergence kicks off in St. Louis

This weekend, folks are coming together in St. Louis to create a community with the power to break the social barriers of a society dictated by corporate greed.   It’s time we come together and build the movement that moved forward together. Back in April, 1000 people took over the Department of the Interior during Powershift to protest Earth-devastating energy extraction while 8 people committed acts of civil disobedience at the Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting in San Francisco to protest banks gone wild. In May,…

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Historic Earth Day Climate Change Conference

Indigenous Peoples of North America Join President Evo Morales in Bolivia for Historic Earth Day Climate Change Conference “Respect Indigenous Rights & the Rights of ‘Pachamama’ in UN Climate negotiations” Pictures and more at: Cochabamba, Bolivia- Indigenous Peoples from across North America and their allies from around the world gathered at the invitation of Bolivian President Evo Morales in Cochabamba this morning for the kick-off of an historic conference on climate change and the “rights of Mother Earth.” Morales called this conference in the…

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Pittsburgh, PA – A Climate Convergence will be held in Pittsburgh to coincide with the International Coal Conference (Sept. 21-23) and G-20 summit (Sept. 24/25. The 3 Rivers Climate Convergence [3RCC] is a partnership of local groups and individuals, concerned about climate change, environmental justice and true sustainability, collaborating with regional and national groups. Together, they are planning a variety of activities over a one-week period, involving public education and non-violent direct action targeting the International Coal Conference, local coal companies, the banks that finance…

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